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Things we do to be better humans. These DIYs and hacks help your budget, the environment, the way you feel, and the aesthetic isn’t bad either 😉

Please check out this amazing company and cause:
Thread is also a really easy way to shop for fabric online (I know not all of you have fabric stores where you live)! Use promo THESORRYGIRLS for 10% off!!

“DILL WITH IT” Template: https://goo.gl/1haooR

Blog post with some of our personal fav products (+ links to products): https://goo.gl/qFcsUZ


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Please note that we are not professionals and that all projects seen on our channel must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!


haileybuggie1033 says:

I need a crafty bff in my life to do these things with

Анастасия Горохова-Алексеева says:

I saw you using a capsule coffee machine in your office. Are your capsules recyclable? If not, I would recommend getting rid of them (and a coffee machine also, replacing it with the usual one), 'cause they're really not eco-friendly and usual coffee from a coffee machine is quite cheaper though.

Maren Who says:

This is the best thing ever please make more eco friendly things we need to save the earth

lizziesf87 says:

Another tip: stop buying plastic crap from the dollar store.

Kierra Henderson says:

I love this video!!! #EcoFriendlyLivingIsAmazingAndIReccomendIt110% ❤️✨

Mae Raich says:

I don't know why but I have watched this video a thousand and it's still genuinely interesting to watch😂… This also inspired me to research where the nearest bulk store is where I live and I found a really nice one!
I'm on my way to becoming somewhat zero waste which is really exciting!!

Laura Emily says:

Do more of these!

Skynoer says:

For anyone in the comments looking to be more sustainable, reusable glass containers are great to store bulk bought food and freeze your own local fruits n veggies! Stainless steel to-go containers can help cut down on styrofoam use, menstrual cups and reusable cotton pads are LIFESAVERS (and money savers!!! Super easy to use, convenient, and healthier than chemical soaked tampons and pads) Carry handkerchiefs and a silverware set so you don't have to use plastic to go silverware and paper napkins. Investing in stainless steel/glass straws is a huge help too! Bring your own muslin fruit bags when you go shopping so you don't have to use the little plastic bags. And if you're really wanting to save the environment, eating less meat and dairy (of course going vegan is best but that's not always possible. If you have a choice though, NEVER buy beef and seafood as beef is one of the most resource intensive products and is a huge contributor to the destruction of the rainforest and produces as much co2 as the entire auto industry!!! and seafood is extremely hard to obtain sustainably and has a HIGH bycatch rate, basically for every pound of shrimp, for example, theres 20lbs of bycatch!! which includes wales, seaturtles, sharks, and dolphins! so by choosing what meant you DO buy you can cut down your impact) BUYING LOCAL and buying LESS food (food waste is a HUGE problem especially in the US) is a huge improvement. Also, stop buying fast fashion (forever 21, h&m etc.) and start buying slow fashion and/or thrifting!! and don't think im trying to force a lifestyle on anyone as I'm only telling the truth in the comments of a video on sustainability. If you dont like what i've said, fine, but this advice is for the people who want to live more sustainability and are looking for ways to modify their everyday life to make less of an impact on the environment! 🙂

Amy Alexander says:

Pela case is a canada based phone case company that makes 100% ecofriendly and compostable phone cases! They're super cute and are made from plants 🙂 I started buying their cases a while back and will never use a plastic case again. They protect my phone so well and are so unique and cute

Nadine Wright says:

I love your eco enthusiasm! You've inspired me sooooo much!

rosa0996 says:

Can you make a new edition to this video

Axinia Apelchugina says:

Just a tip, dr bronners contains palm oil so if you don't want to use palm oil find other soaps

Olivia Di Giammarino says:

I knew you girls were canadian!!!!!

Beauandbella AJ says:

Where I’m from, there aren’t any bulk food stores unless you go to a big city that’s an hour away

ATasteOfBeauty says:

Love the vibes!

gabr0901 says:

I use Bambooees from Amazon. They are like $7 for 75 of them, and they are pretty much washable paper towels. My next eco-friendly switch will be to bamboo toothbrushes.

AmateurPhoto_er says:

wouldnt it make more sense to make the handles of the fruit and veggie bags a cinch?

NoninterestingDylan says:

dont forget to start using ecosia as a search engine to plant trees daily 🙂

Brooklyn Hodgkins says:

Can u do the glass container thing at all bulk barns?

Augusta Brown says:

I love the fruit bag!!

Tatiana Hernandez says:

Where is that bulk store? 🙀

Omar Zeitouni says:

5:48 – moldy bananas

ann nguyen says:

I recently discovered you girls and I can’t stop watching! 😊

Fernanda Acosta says:

Can you please tell me the sizes you usted for your bags?

BVI says:

Eco-friendly tip/advice: stop eating meat, cheese, milk and eggs. Funding animal agriculture is the worst thing you can do to the earth.

FiddlebirdBlue says:

Use a CELLULOSE SPONGE instead of plastic ones, and a HEMP LOOFAH instead of a plastic one!

Cellulose [plant fiber] sponges are biodegradable, unlike plastic ones, and doesn't kill a living creature and remove it from its stressed ecosystem, like a natural sea sponge. [Yup, those are animals. Not plants.] A hemp loofah is also biodegradable compared to a plastic one, and if you buy like a ten- or twelve-pack online, only about twenty cents more than one from the Dollar Store. Also way better for your skin, tbh. 😉

STOP USING PLASTIC STRAWS! The US alone burns through half a BILLION plastic straws in a day! You know where those end up? In the bellies and nostrils and guts and eyes of marine life. Have you ever seen a vet remove a plastic straw from a sea turtles' nostril with pliers? I have! I'll be damned if it's MY Dr. Pepper making some poor creature suffer that way. I keep stainless steel straws in a toothbrush travel tube in my purse [I glued the ventilation holes closed so no bits get in]. There are also collapsible keychain models on the way for those who don't carry bags! But seriously, it was ten bucks for eight straws plus a little cleaning brush. I've never looked back.

DONATE CLOTHES instead of throwing them away!
If they're really, really too janky for Goodwill, give them to your local vet to use as rags, and the vet can always use more grody old towels, too! Clothing takes FOREVER to rot, so when you throw it out, it just creates huge, sticky mats in landfills which trap harmful gases and prevent other things from biodegrading! If you really can't give it away, cut it up first so it at least won't make a big mat. 😀

Donate everything, really, even if you think no one will use it. I bought a meat roast rack thingy with no pan from Goodwill for fifty cents and I use it to organize my pot lids and it makes me SO HAPPY. You never know who will be totally stoked about your random water bottle you lost the lid to! One person's trash really is another's treasure, and not junking up a landfill.

Also try:
– Walking, biking, or taking public transportation as opposed to a car whenever possible, and carpooling.
– Turning off lights and heat/AC when not really necessary, replacing lightbulbs with energy efficient ones [they live longer, too – saving money!], turning off the water when brushing teeth, scrubbing dishes, or soaping up in the shower. [I condition my hair before I wash myself in the shower, so my conditioner soaks in while the water is off and my hair is super shiny and easy to handle since I've been doing this, with no change in product.]
– Since animal agriculture causes about 51% of human-caused climate change, cut down on your meat to a few times a week as a treat. 🙂 This is also healthier and cheaper, so again – saving money!
– Buy local/American produce whenever possible. This means less fuel and resources was used getting it to you.
– Check out ALAFFIA. They make eco-friendly skincare products working with people in the developing African nation of Togo, providing them with dignified, sustainable work. They also then plant trees, build schools, donate glasses, and bicycles, etc., to put their profits back into that community. Their stuff might look a little expensive at first, but the bottles are huge, it's cheaper per ounce than the Aveeno I used to use, and it's way better for my skin and the planet than the Aveeno. I use Alaffia's coconut and coffee berry body lotion and it makes me feel and smell like a perfectly melty, lightly toasted marshmallow. Mmmm.
– Use cut-up old shirts instead of paper towels. This also keeps clothing out of the landfill.
– Use a recycled toilet paper and paper towels! Trader Joe's has both.
– Use a menstrual cup instead of pads or tampons. It takes about three periods to get used to, and shop around before you buy to make sure you have one that seems like a good fit. Also better for you.
– Use an eco-friendly laundry detergent and skip dryer sheets. There are reusable dryer balls if you want to soften and de-static your clothes, but my family never used dryer sheets and so I never do now and my clothes are just fine. 🙂

Chimo Chi says:

Are you eating on a vegan diet?🌱

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