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Easiest Vegetable You Can Grow from the Grocery Store

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you the easiest and most nutritious vegetable you can grow that you can buy at the grocery store.

In this episode, you will learn more about upland cress and how you can purchase it at most grocery stores, and eat the nutrient-dense greens, and then plant in a 1-gallon pot so you can enjoy months of leafy greens grown in your windowsill.

First, you will learn more about how John purchased this vegetable at a local store for $1.00. You will discover some of its health benefits and how to eat this leafy green vegetable.

Next, John will show you a 2-month-old plant that was from the grocery store. You will see the amazing root growth as well as discover the flavor of a more mature upland cress, and a younger one.

You will then discover how easy this vegetable is to grow in a 1 gallon pot using nothing more than potting soil.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
02:30 Vegetable from the Grocery Store
04:00 One of the healthiest vegetables in the grocery store
04:58 What this vegetable looks like in 2 months in soil
06:02 Root Growth after 2 months
09:11 Taste Test of My Homegrown Upland Cress
09:57 Store Bought Baby Upland Cress
10;32 How to Plant into a 1 Gallon Nursery Pot
13:28 Last Step: water your plant
15:14 Best Plants to Grow indoors

After watching this episode, you will learn about the easiest vegetable you can buy at the grocery store that you can grow in your windowsill or your garden.

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Alicia McNamar says:

Love this video never heard of this plant.

sandflyNfrenZ says:

DONT CALL IT SOIL JOHN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyChilepepper says:

I do prefer this short version John. Yes in fact I have several sweet onions, green onions, shallots and celery cut out sections growing from store bought produce now. I have also done the same from the seeds of the sweetest pomegranate, grapefruit, cantaloupe and butternut squash. Also chiles, soybeans, greenpeas, sunflower, lemon grass, turmeric, ginger, pineapple, micro green mustard, fenugreek and cloned shiitake mushroom too!!! Right now I have three apple trees growing in my yard from store bought fruit seeds and two date palms trees. Doesn't get any better. Yay!

Gerry Clough says:

Hi, we don't see Upland cress here in Australia. Can anyone advise the actual latin name?
Is it Barbarea verna which is known as land cress? The leaves seem very different to mature plants I've seen of that plant.

Oh and John – just call it potting mix – nobody can argue with that 🙂

Patrice's Projects says:

I never heard of upland cress before. Thanks for the heads up. I do prefer the short format because I have time to watch it. The long format I rarely have that much time at once.

Charisse Roberts says:

Great video, thanks again for your passion for growing the best that nature offers. 🍃🥦🥒

Ruby Official says:

wah…Tanaman Organik…

Jerold Wright says:

Great videos, great info I would give it a 9.9 out of 10. Why not 10 you ask? The videos run too long, I skip a lot of the talk most of the time, but I'm definitely a fan……………….

kyblbrd1 says:

ignore the haters

Laura Duarte says:

The world appears to be ready for what YOU knew all along—regenerative farming is coming! The Biggest Little Farm official film trailer is here!  Watch & Share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfDTM4JxHl8&t=3s

Gw Fo says:

Oh wow never tried these but I love arugula for the pepper flavor so I’ll have to try these! Thanks John for always sharing!

stephanie doan says:

Where you buy the crest?

Natasha S. says:

I've inadvertently grown oat grass, peas and tomatoes. The oatgrass from what the rabbits dropped from their bowls into their droppings underneath (I just pick it and feed it to them), and the peas and tomatoes from feed and kitchen scraps fed to the pigs.

Daniel Zukle says:

Hi John, Short format is good when you don't have a lot of time to invest. Like before you want to go to bed. That being said the long format videos are good too, because you get a wealth of knowledge from those also. Both are good. Keep up the good work.

Zennofobic says:

… go home, plant it. Look at it. Looks ready for harvest. Dig it back up again 1 min later.

Zennofobic says:

need to get yourself another gf so she can wipe your fridge down

usbronxy says:

I brought 3 last week from 99 store and potted them up. They are now on my patio.

Mark says:

Awesome information. Thank you

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