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“Earthship Biotecture”: Renegade New Mexico Architect’s Radical Approach to Sustainable Living

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DemocracyNow.org – New Mexico residents are trying to a break free from Los Alamos’ nuclear legacy by creating more environmentally sound ways of living. At the forefront of this struggle is renegade architect Michael Reynolds, creator of radically sustainable living options through a process called “Earthship Biotecture.” Reynolds’ solar homes are created from natural and recycled materials, including aluminum cans, plastic bottles and used tires. These off-the-grid homes minimize their reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels by harnessing their energy from the sun and wind turbines. In Taos, New Mexico, Reynolds gives us a tour of one of the sustainable-living homes he created.

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Sislertx says:

I want one..have for years..but finding someone to help build aka builder
is next to impossible unless you have a 500k build.

xadam2dudex says:

true..if all the money and manpower were used to build up the world instead
of the military-industrial complex the world would be a paradise

darryl barton says:

I love the bathtub. At 1st it reminded me of giant urinal but on 2nd look
I appreciated the flowing form of it. Thanks for sharing.

sapphireblue222 says:

Would it smell like rubber? Would there be any off-gassing?

felixlancelot says:

Great work!

Karma Goodwin says:

this is It..

Jaime Figueroa says:

Hello there, My name is Jaime Figueroa and I beliave you went to Bolivia to
build a earthship with tires with the Benson Institute from Provo
I was your student and have used your technics and still using it
Thanks for your lessons and willing to teach me

Timothy Graf says:

in arizona.been there for decades.

Timothy Graf says:

ever heard of arcosanti

umar luxat says:

Fantastic, Lets google Earthship.com

Tobots Wholesale says:

I love this idea.

SCJMO says:

Democracy still exists, but I want the Republic back..

Lukas K. says:

it’s a real shame that this brilliant man loses his architect license

ThomasG10mtn says:

*Every time he mentions corporations as bad I can’t help but notice all the
stuff he wears on his body alone that comes from corporations.*

Concrete being one of the most “polluting” materials (made by corporations)
in the world. Steel which is mined. Plastics from oil. The tires, wood,
wiring, plumbing, solar panels, etc etc etc etc……

Now….I know his argument isn’t that use of said products is evil, because
after all….that would make him a raging hypocrite. It’s about efficiency.
And I’d hate to point this out, but…railing against efficiency is
completely arbitrary. Because I would say solar/wind is terribly

It’s all about control. He rails against building code control, but what if
he was given the power to set the rules? Would he allow someone to build a
5000 sqf traditional stick built mansion with almost no insulation, and a
huge central HVAC system powered by the cheaper nuclear power company? Not
a chance.

wildcat19671 says:

I find the assumption that “if everybody has every thing they need, then
there wont be anybody fighting over anything” to be quite naïve and silly.
we are creatures of desire and our desires is what drives us to war,
violence, and murder. sure there are some of us that can be content but
there will always be those who will not be satisfied whit anything they

bgndeath says:

Yeah this dude is definately heading in the right direction. Good on ya
brother. He makes some excellent points. Yes he is an Idealist, he also has
the tenacity to carry out what he believes inspite of what societal norms
dictate to be ” Approved ” Building practices. I spent 25 years in
construction, the 3 bedroom house with the white picket fence in suburbia
is an illusion that most folks buy into. along with the soul mate for life
thing. If you have ever been Homeless, Hungry & Penniless this would be
like walking into heaven. Satisfaction and contentment is not something
most human beings ever achieve in life. This dude is making that a lot
closer to reality for the human race.

Ellen Jackson says:

I love this idea! I am tired of the artificial lifestyle all of us humans
are given being dependent on local utility grids and grocery stores! Doing
everything yourself promotes a healthier atmosphere for the planet and for
the health & sanity of people! After experimenting with Permaculture and
Fish Farming, I work all day, forage off what I created and I am happier
and much more relaxed. All the anxiety of the modern workforce, cubicles,
angry competitive people, traffic etc,. is just not natural! The way we
live now is very artificial and makes us dependent and if that system fails
there will be danger and complete chaos! If people get back in tune with
nature and survival the natural way, they can still have prestige if they
work to set things up that way, you get out of it what you put in using
creativity! Living natural is really nice if it’s done with careful thought
and planning. There may be much work in the beginning, but once established
you will work a lot to sustain it, but it’s very satisfying and enjoyable
work in which you reap rewards for all the energy you put in! I think there
would be a lot less insanity, mental and physical health issues, if more
people strived to eventually get out of the artificial fishbowl most us
now live in! This is a very good idea!!

Lance Charles says:

This is also known as anticipatory design science. 

Don Mango says:

This is awesome!

nzinga zindua says:

Bad Boy. Mike Reynolds. The Truth. Thanks for vid. Power to the People.

kevin roberts says:

tree hugging retards

Tiffany Harper says:

She doesn’t get it.

Chloe Lin says:

Thanks for the sharing of ideas Michael.

Lance Charles says:

If you like this type of building please call me. 

David Lopez WorldCitizen says:

great ideas come from the frindges

Jason Williams says:

I”d love to see the marriage of Earthships with hempcrete!! That would
address a lot of the need for wood in these structures as well as cement

Dmitry Polovin says:

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