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Do’s and Don’ts of Green Living

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In this clip http://www.WatchMojo.com learns some of the most realistic ways to go green, as well as some surprising tips for the eco-minded.


Greg Howard says:

Haven’t the Amish been living green for longer than any group (no
electricity or cars) yet they’re ignored in any green discussion.

LovelyFritter says:

Well the change really comes from many people enacting the change. The
consumer is what drives the market so if there is an increased consumer
demand for say, less-packaged goods or organic food then that is what the
companies will produce because they’d lose money otherwise. WE fuel the

Commie John says:

It’s because of people like this that I drive a 9-18 mpg diesel one-ton
truck with a hot tune that bellows black smoke everywhere.

havenjm says:

I disagree with her money take. If the green movement is ever going to
succeed, it HAS to be economically driven. It won’t succeed otherwise.
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nadiaw00t says:

UGHH! I live a green lifestyle, but I am also a medical scientist and I
CANNOT STAND IT when people confuse living green and being ecologically
aware with alternative medicine and ‘living naturally’ – ‘my nutritionist
friend’ – it does not follow that if one is ‘green’ they also accept non
traditional therapies… my biggest annoyance in the movement.

jamesalexandershow says:

You unplugged your refrigerator? Why?? Are you that stupid? So what happens
when you plug it back in? Hey guess what… it runs and runs and runs
trying to get it’s temperature back down to where it’s suppose to be, which
it would have done anyway had you not been stupid and unplugged it. So what
did you save?? Nothing dumb ass, because it takes the same amount of energy
either way to keep the temperature. Wow… stupid.

shinilla luks says:

A great way to clean your house without chemicals or cleaning products I
recommend is buying the h20 x5 mop steamer it uses hot boiling water that
heats up to 200 degrees it cleans away almost anything like
grease,grime,dirt,dust,oil is eco friendly.I recommend everyone buy this
and stop using chemicals and household cleaning products. go to x5mop.com
if you want to buy one.

Ryan Losinger says:

I’m all for living green, but the girl being interviewed was drowning me in

shinilla luks says:

The best way to green living is to avoid all chemicals including household
cleaning products like windex,tilex,lysol,febreze,baby
powder,perfume,soap,paint,ammonia,bleach,laundry detergent,bubble
bath,pesticide spray,rubbing alcohol, basically any product made with
chemicals or harmful substances.

Brandon Johnson says:

Interviewer: Do you wear deodorant? Vanessa: (no comment)

Aurea DaSilva says:

We need to invest some money into the movement of become green but there is
a lot we can do that takes no money at all and it is just making an effort
to change our habits, less plastic, save water, use energy efficient light
bulbs, reuse,recycle eat healthier, walk or use your bicycle instead of

Tanzanite800 says:

I don’t think they really care what you drive… XD

Nicholas Torok says:

@nadiaw00t You’re confusing. Are you mad because she used a wrong
combination of words? And I still don’t understand what combination of
words you are upset about. We can not ‘live naturally’.. there is no return
to the stone age. There are 6 billion people in the world.. it is infested
with humans. Just because she has a friend who is a nutritionist doesn’t
make her promoter of ‘alternative therapy’ or of Medical science. That’s
not her point. Her point was about buying food.

Rachel Zurek says:

@jamesalexandershow I think she means that she no longer uses a
refrigerator, but instead buys her food fresh or finds other ways to
preserve it… I could be wrong though…

Nicholas Torok says:

@havenjm well, it depends on where you’re throwing money. Listen to what
she says.. throwing money at ‘buying more green’ is not going to help. I
agree with your position and hers. Instead of buying a green car (not
needing a car in the first place ..as she says) give the money to your
local farmer to grow organic, pay for licensing, organic soil, etc. Or
something similar. It’s a matter of how you live and where you spend.

margowolfenbarger says:

very impressive video..keep up the good work!

Horizon Services, Inc. says:

You have an inspiring lifestyle.

Anon2987 says:

I gotta get off topic. Solar,plastic, wtvr the fuck else she thinks isn’t
natural. Most things made today, that show up in an “organic market” cost
more because they require more energy to produce or transport. She shuns
solar because it “throws money at it” but if we don’t try and prove that
new technologies work then no one will try it. “GREEN” is obviously a
marketing scheme, they’re no Natural foods. We as people have domesticated
wild foods to benefit us.

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