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Don't Try to Save Water in Your Garden in Summer or this Will Happen

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you what happened to his garden after he tried to save water during the middle of the summer by cutting back his irrigation system before a week long trip.

In this episode, you will learn the importance of providing the proper amount of water to your plants, not too much and not too little, to ensure they grow the best and yield the most fruit for you.

You will discover John’s learning experience where he cut back the water to his drip system to the peril the plants in his garden.

You will get a garden tour to see that results of turning back the watering in the summer and what can happen.

At the end of this episode, John will share his watering tips with you to ensure you water the right amount, and are able to monitor your garden if you do go on vacation.

After watching this episode, you will learn that trying to always conserve water is not a good thing; especially in the middle of the summer and some ways you can mitigate lack of water in your garden to nurse your plants back to health.

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L Thompson says:

If you are showing people what actually goes on in the garden you have to show everything because it is not all beauty and easy,sometimes it is ugly and hard and that is more real than anything!

Taylor Kuhla says:

Your style of gardening is not in anymore. Too expensive. Too much work. Not so happy soil. People want to have food forests where all the soil is covered by mulch/wood chips. Soil is happy and moist all the time. Youtube views of food forests are much higher than yours even though you have more subscribers. You may regain viewers by going into KNF/IMO. But then you'd drive your buddy Josh out of business…….so screw the people for your friend whose products are obsolete, right?????????

alissabethla says:

Could you put up some 4×4 post and attach some shade cloth to some areas? Like a shade sail. When you are home you could also put up cheap umbrellas. I have PVC pipe in the ground in areas and put in umbrellas or move them around for working.

neverlostforwords says:

Oh dear, I am sorry to see all the damage. If you grow food worth thousands of dollars, that also represents a major part of your life, you might want to pay someone $140 to water the plants by hand for an hour a day for $20 an hour, for the week you are on holidays. Consider it part of the holiday expenses. When we go on summer holidays, that is what we do. All those automatic watering systems, no matter what the settings are, can never match human monitoring and hand-watering.

Binyamin Klempner says:

John, I greatly admire how you share not only your garden successes but also your garden failures. Its one of the features that makes you the best gardening YouTube channel bar none!!!

Kate Draus says:

Oh…. I feel your pain. I had to pause 2 look at what month this had taken place. I am amazed that you are managing to grow anything in the desert heat. And super amazed that Anything Grows in August. I live with high temperatures also but do not have the dry Heat that you do. I really appreciate your Channel keep up the good work!

Dianne Valdez says:

This did happen to me. This was years ago and was starting a new home, new blank slate yard. We took the kids on vacation for a week and came home and everything was dead. I left the yard in the hands of my sister in law. That never happened again! That was a horrible experience!!!

americanwillow says:

It sounds like you need a new watering friend, John. If I were checking on someone's garden while she/he were away, I'd make sure everything looked okay and water plants that didn't.

Grow Big SD says:

Just plant more. When you start from seed it’s not a big deal. When you spend $50+ on basil plants from Trader Joe’s and all other plant starts it must suck

moses Nazareth says:

Never seen you so bummed. Sorry john

Oshe Shango says:

Why don't you grow squash or melons? I don't recall seeing that.

Something Different says:

I had strong hunch that the Aquajet would not do well when it was installed. It jst was unnatural, with potential issues imo. \ It looks like your beds and pots have no ground cover. Without it, your gonna waste ton o water and have dead topsoil. \ Look at the possible positive side to this disaster. The dehydrated leafs r free dehydration by nature, u might b able to eat some o those.

Sesherat S. says:

Why don't you add mulch to keep the moisture in? It gets hot there.

G Vas says:

Why did you cut water back?
I tryed to understand, but did not get it.
This happened to me once. I went on vacations and when i came back there were a bunch of plants nts burned up due to irritation issues. Something happened with the irrigation pressure and it was not pumping water out normally and some of my plants got fryed 😣
Thanks for sharring John.
Keep up the good work
God bless you

fex says:

you are not building up your soil properly. I can get through a whole Australian summer without watering tomato plants and still grow fruit. They are not at optimal but they do not die. I have been able to grow capsicums all winter due to the way I have built up my soil and no watering. Australia is in a drought.

Edie Boudreau says:

Ah ha. I thought this was about mosquitoes breeding in water you were college acting in the summer garden. Lol. The summer English language can be very confusing. And I grew up with it. Lolol

cyberash3000 says:

we drown if we drink too much water 🙂

TheMatron'sMilitia says:

Straw mulch my dude

Cannerbernerd says:

You doing ok? You sound sick.

luzsyd says:

Oh l feel this and l just have listened to your intro…ouch ouch ouch

West Coast Gardener says:

Great video!! I love seeing your sweet potatoes doing amazing!! They’re tough to grow up here on Vancouver Island, our summer has certainly not been nearly as hot as yours (of course 😉)

Jonny_mazerati says:

I’ll save you all the time . It’s a video of all his dead plants . There . Saved you 30 minutes .

Nicole Heenan says:

The garden is an amazing thing, it will bounce back. The good harvests are worth the pain I think.
Its hot and dry where I am, it looks a lot like my summer garden. At the end of the season I am just spent with the time it takes to get water to everything. Last year I didn't plant any annuals, just kept (most of) the trees alive, and even then the fruit on the trees cooked before it ripened. I'm heading into it again now (sthn hemisphere) and feeling positive, but I know this will be me in another 3 months.

Punky Rooster says:

I'd cry. :'(

Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden says:

It happens to everyone. This is telling you to get get ready for fall planting.

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