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Don’t Just Recycle, UP-Cycle! – Mom-Ed: Green Living – Episode 6

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We’ve got some great ideas of ways to take used shirts, sweaters, crayons and other ordinary items and turn them into creative gifts and works of art! Today, Kristen speaks with Leslie Astor (www.craftingabeautifullife.blogspot.com) who shows how easy up-cycling can be!

Mom-Ed: Green Living will help moms learn ways they can adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle that will be better for themselves, their families, and the environment. From Composting to No-Waste Lunches, each of our 9 episodes is jam packed with useful information to help moms put their families on the path to a greener way of life. Host Kristen Eykel (http://www.kristeneykel.com/ ) is joined by a handful of eco-experts and each episode features a Gorgeously Green tip from Sophie Uliano.

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Miss Amanda's world says:

save your stained socks top half makes great waist band and bottom half makes great rags

Alisha James says:

Love the crayon tutorial! Had a friend make some for my daughter, didn't realize it was this easy. Now I just need to get a silicone mold…

Wantin2Learn says:

I love these ideas. This year the kids and I made self watering plant pots out of plastic coke bottles.

CafeMom Studios says:

Aren't they cute?! So easy too!

kufufunocosplay says:

Not a mom, but I still love these ideas! xD

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