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DIY Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts!

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This Christmas my gift to you my beautiful subscribers and followers is a Christmasy DIY video. I put together 3 easy yet luxurious holiday gift ideas primarily designed to please some of your female friends this year!
Recipe ingredients on my blog!
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Alison Zhou says:

Can we replace the mica with beetroot powder?

Awesome415 says:

(tinted lip balm) — Why not stir with a spoon?

TeamCarlisle18 says:

Love yr videos. Can u use a different scent for the body scrub 

msjasmin718 says:

Thanks daniel!

Alexzandra Carr says:

This was filmed a year ago

Ackepacke says:

when you do the scrub can you just use ordinary cinnamon instead?

Gusta Gusty says:

These ideas are great;) Thank you 🙂 For making my christmas special.

Morgan FreeupYourmind says:

Very Cool!

freakyfreakify says:

Oh my god I love this tutorial! Since I love exploring scents, I think I
really gonna have to try this. Thanks so much for the idea. xo

Noah's mommy says:

I love this video I need to make my own perfume and lip balms =D

Alice P says:

oh my god! these gifts are amazing! i love all these ideas!!!!!! Make some
more cosmetic DIYS!!!!! these are amazing! 🙂

Strawberrymuch says:

Love your videos! =D

Amy Wilson says:

Thank you! I love your vlogs!

Daily Vlogs Aruba says:

I really love your video’s Danielle! Thank you so much for putting all the
effort in your video’s! Your such a great mommy, love that you are so
natural! I found your channels when i was looking for cloth diaper video’s!
learned so much from you! xxxxx

nebenanx says:

Gute Idee- abgesehen von den hautreizenden Duftölen (erkennt man an dem
chemischen Symbol –> Schwarzes Kreuz auf orangem/ rotem Untergrund).

Jewel Ballesteros says:

I feel hungry when I watch this video

Joke Vermanen says:

I love your sweater!!!!

sammi sierra says:

Great video! Keep them coming

DDolLy09 says:

Absolutely loved this video!! Thank you so much Danielle!!!

Jess Jett says:

I’m going to try all of that!

marium sid says:

this is the best video danielle.i thoroughly enjoyed it…but place where i
live i can only get fragrant oils to burn in the house at the lifestyle
shop.Can they be used on face and body? Also where should i get beeswax
from? Also can i use white sugar for the scrub and instead of sunflower oil
can i use almond or olive oil? I live in the middleeast area!

Rachael Neel says:


Tiana Nguyen says:

I love it very useful thank you very much 😀

DanielleBeautyBliss says:

not much should get on if it does but its not colored so no

Elaine Tan says:

can you make a vanilla-chocolate flavored lip balm and btw love ur vid i am
so gonna subscribe!!! 🙂 love you and your vids!!!

Elaine Tan says:

hi i love ur vids!! just asking if you can make a vanilla-chocolate
flavored lip balm i,d totally love that and btw wat the heck i am so
totally subscribing merry christmas!!! 🙂

Sky Prem says:

Where do you get the bees wax beads? Love this video!

thedaughtersofsarah says:

I dont celebrate Christmas but tjese are great just to make. Thanks 😉

DDolLy09 says:


Eczentric Bird says:

Thank you!

Johnra08 says:

love these ideas and now i have some christmas gifts for my sister in laws!

charlamara says:

Awesome ideas! What happens if the perfume oil gets on your clothes? Would
it stain?

Zunaira Malik says:

I’m so glad I found you on youtube!

Starry & babycakes says:

I’ve made lots of bath products for my family and had epsom salts left over
so was going to make some body scrub. Wish I had some ginger EO now because
I bet that smells gorgeous! Thanks for the tut!

MissNikki57 says:

I loved this video, such great ideas & i love the lip balm idea. my 3 yr
old smears my lip products all over her mouth & chin. Lol at least this
will be good for her skin!

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