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DITL: Sustainable Living ♻️🌎🌿 Zero Waste Hacks & Second Hand Scores

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Shelbizleee says:

If you love second hand shopping as much as I do, check out thredUP!
thredUP is offering my subscribers a special discount of 30% off your first order! Just click here: http://bit.ly/SHELBI_thredUPJul2019 and enter my promo code SHELBI30

Meg C. says:

I might be too late, I like the dress, denim shirt, bolo necklace, boots….that'd all be cute.

Lydiajeals S says:

Hey you should make your own calendars. You can copy the platform of the store-bought ones but you can customize them and use recycled paper as well. That’s what I do. I also make little daily/weekly planners to take with me on the go and then have the big mama at home on the wall

Caterina Maria Antea Rossi says:

Outfit 3 with bandana👌

Abracacursed Cosplay says:

Number 2 had a more western shape. I think it looks great id add the bolo tie to it.

The dress is my favourite tho

Klay Exterior says:

I wish they had a men’s section

Payton Marrison says:

the first outfit with the boots is what i like the best 🙂

Maria Perez says:

Why are those armpits not shaved?? 😦

Alydia Fraser says:

The last outfit definitely x

Suou Neko says:

Dress (no shirt), bowtie, and brown belt 💜 maybe a pin up hair style with a bandana

Alexis Dew says:

Dress with shirt!!!

Jessica Cottrell says:

ive always wanted a bolo tie!!! i live in baltimore lol i dont think anyone would even know what it is if i wore won lol wear that tie with pride girl!

Olive R says:

Also Crayola recycles any type of marker. You just send it to them.

Olive R says:

I like the dress option because you don’t have many excuses to where that and it looks really really nice on you.

Libby Withnall says:

Love vlogs. Thanks for sharing.

Sam Fett says:

Wear the dress the boots and the bolo tie omg pleaaase!

Amanda Lynne says:

Loved this vlog! The dress outfit was gorgeous! I hope you pick it for the wedding 🙂

Elis G says:

If any of y'all do a dry or wet-erase calendar, Crayola accepts any type of marker for recycling.

Giannina Alarcon says:

I usually try to read comments before making a suggestion to not be redundant but no time….what about a chalkboard for a calendar? I also realize I'm too late but for someone else interested in the debate it could be helpful.

Taylor Reimers says:

can you post any low waste/sustainable jewelry brands ?

Alexis says:

I love the babydoll top on you <3 so cute

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