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Deep Mulch, No-Till, Garden at Prairie Road Organic

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Take a tour of the Podoll’s family garden and discover the benefits of a deep mulch, no-till organic, garden system. The Podolls demonstrate how they go about mulching their gardens using baled hay.


Carol Crum says:

Have you ever added any fertilizer or lime to your garden. Do you have it
tested for pH level and what was the result? What about using straw vs
hay? Thank You.

alan30189 says:

What in the world is that behind your garden at 1:22, a Monsanto plant? LOL
Good video! Thanks for sharing.

Rick Kenn says:

Thanks a million. Well definitely a few hundred dollars you saved me a
year. I’ve been spending a small fortune on compost and fertilizer not
realizing how simple to it is to make your own

James Tyree II says:

better to use baled straw. hay contains viable seeds whereas straw is just
small grain crop stems.

Carmen Ortiz says:

I must be missing something. Isn’t it a waste of a lot of growing space,
considering the beds seem to be just one plant deep. Plus there is no
mention if the (much wider) paths will be rotated and planted in the future
(rather illogical). I can see how the paths have great soil but they are
just paths, so what is the purpose?

downbntout says:

What’s the purple growing in the background?
Whew, and I thought I was a hard-working mulcher. You have a nice system,
and making your own hay seems excellent. Thanks.

dummkompf says:

this chick has a very cute SD accent! nice vid

Kripanidhi Dasa says:

wow that was great, so much little things to be mindful of….i live on an
eco village in british columbia, it’s 2600 ft above sea level so the
growing zone is zone 3 . Thanks for the education, will start no/ till
cultivation this season.

Larry Ogden says:

crawling around on your hands and knees ??/ Bailing hay ??? I think it is
easier to till the soil. I am 70 years old and I look for the easiest way
!!1 I do apply some mulch…but never get down on my hands and knees !!

PrairieRoadOrganic says:

Glad you found it useful! Thanks for watching AND for the feedback!

TheQueenKat says:

Thanks for the helpful video!

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