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Creating Fertile No Till Soil – A Collaboration with I Am Organic Gardening

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We’re doing a collaboration with Mark from I Am Organic Gardening in hopes of turning compacted dirt in an unused field into fertile no till soil (Back to Eden method) for sunflowers that will serve as forage for our honeybees.

Check out Mark’s channel I Am Organic Gardening: https://www.youtube.com/user/iamnjorganic




Looking forward to the next couple of weeks to see the results.. THANK YOU

Southern Food Junkie says:

Interesting to see how those sunflowers turn out. Can't wait to see.

ohhowhappygardener says:

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Gregory B says:

please turn up the voice volume ,thanks


Looking forward to following your channel thanks to mark

Louisiana Cur says:

Hope it works
I haven't had good luck with tractor supply. I've always got good seed from my local feed store

Stilgar74 says:

This is awesome! two of my favorite channels collaborating together!

Rick Buisson says:

Listen to Mark, he's a smart man. I've been following his advice for a while now with great interest and good results. Now I have someone else to follow.

A little dirt never hurt says:

Very interesting! Any chance you gentlemen would consider soil samples under the microscope before and after to determine net change in soil microbes and fungal activity? Looking forward to however you both proceed with this! All the best, Ryan

Backyard Blessings says:

Great job! Perhaps you (or I am Organic Gardening) have probably addressed this in another video, but what do you expect to learn from the experiment and what would the next step in building your soil be? We've been quite successful using chickens to clear land, make compost, and prepare soil for farming with minimum tillage. Thanks and Blessings.

Life in Farmland says:

You should plant that last one. What will it hurt. Excited to see how this experiment goes.

Causeway Coast Organic says:

Great to see you guys doing this! Thanks for sharing. Kindest regards.
Oliver 😊👍👌✌️💚☘

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