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Couple Builds Energy Efficient Passive Solar Home – Green Building

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In this video we meet Casey & Natasha, a conscious couple who built a passive solar home near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In addition to orienting their house to face south, they installed overhangs that block the sun to keep it cool during summer months and allow the sun to enter and heat the house during winter months. They also installed a 10 kW solar system that sells clean electricity back to the grid through Ontario’s MicroFIT Program and the revenue helps cover their own utility bills.

The house was built to Passive House standards and is currently pending certification. You can learn more about Passive House here:

The exterior walls of this house are 20″ thick and are insulated using Roxul insulation which is made locally, better for the environment, can get wet, and has less flame retardants than traditional fiberglass insulation, which means cleaner air quality in the home.

To maximize the energy efficiency of their home, they installed triple glazed windows, a drain water heat recovery system, an air source heat pump water heater, and a bioethanol fireplace. They also chose sustainable alternatives like concrete countertops instead of granite, and reclaimed pine flooring instead of using new wood. Last but not least, they designed their house to be completely fossil fuel-free which means that they don’t use any fossil fuels to power or heat their home.

Casey & Natasha are building a conscious group of companies to align their work life with their personal values. Their companies include The Conscious Builder, the Conscious Living podcast and the Conscious Store (coming soon!).


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TheEarthDoctor1 says:

A plethora of expensive toxic proprietary products stuffed into an airtight spacesuit with tinted windows to obstruct views. Video full of the kind of misinformation weekend warriors regurgitate ad nauseum.
Sign me up lol.


the funny thing about a house like that, where they are so proud of it, and not disturbing the envirament is…
HOW MANY TREES THEY TOKE DOWN to build the house (even if you plant new trees!)
Show the area before the house been builded, would you?

Ralph L says:

Can any type of solar ever make financial sense that far north? Was there night insulation for the windows?

Refuso Againo says:

What you do is good but not going to apply to most Canadians. There are more traditional ways to do passive solar without so much equipment. You deserve credit for thinking of others and spending the money in the right places. By the way, what do you drive? That 10 kw system should keep and EV on the road too.

Catalyst - D B says:

3:27 Drain water heat recovery device…. That is genius.

Tidwell says:

I take cold showers. I dont need a hot water drain. When you live somewhere where its 110 degrees out. You want to stay away from anything hot

Crypto Caveman says:

A mansion for 3, living in such a large house is not sustainable….

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

Nice house, most people won't be able to afford one like it … EVER.
It must be nice to have money to piss away.
Being in construction, I'd give an estimate of $1,500,000.
Not very affordable, even in Canada.

Malibu Dolphin says:

Please loss the background music

Different says:

why not give us a cost analysis, I assume this house seems really viable once you factor the savings over 2 decades, but probably still not as cheap as a really cheap house.

Matt Ferguson says:

Confusion between passivhaus / passive house with passive solar design, they are different

Russ Cambell says:

My favorite part was the waste water heat reclaimer (hope I said that right). Never thought of all the energy was going down the drain. Water yes but heat is never thought about.

Urban Woodworking says:

Thanks for sharing. Casey really knows his stuff House orientation and air tightness for a passive house. 10kW solar power panels what I would install for that latitude. However, Casey fell for that climate change bolony which has been comprehensively debunked and his ethanol fireplace is horribly inefficient when you take into account the energy used to create the fuel

Supernova12034 says:

The whole idea behind the tinyhouse/vanlife/alternative lifestyle is to have alternatives for those who cant/dont want to spend a fuckton of money just to live. I'm sure warren buffet could build an even fancier crib than these clowns.

S R says:

Would have been even nicer if the home was actually finished.

Derrick Hodson says:

Where is this concious living podcast?

Happy Naturalist says:

Thanks for sharing this. I’m thinking differently about our housing trajectory now.

Alternative Reality says:

I would love to be able to do a cheaper version of this someday. Thanks for sharing!

Sim-sim passenger says:

Wahoo there so much high technology and so much taping plastic/Polymere wrap in this house you must have spicy contract with your labours to maintain this plastic wrap efficient beyond the 20 years warranty of most of the components you use.
So much technology and at the end there is a high electricity consumption.
That is not saving the planet, that is emphasise fossil industry there is more oil based products stored in the make up of this house than fossil fuel which this house could have consume during its entire life style.
In 50 years what will you do of all this junk rubbish.

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