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Charles Dowding | Join The No Dig Organic Gardening Revolution

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Causeway Coast Organic says:

I was given a recommendation by a fellow youtube gardener Mike Hurdis to check out Charles Dowding's youtube channel and buy one of his books. Fabulous! His cool manner and no fuss organic no dig gardening style captivated me to be honest. It was just what i needed to discover at just the right time. I have since watched all his youtube videos ( excellent ) bought one of his books and spent hours reading through the free articles on his website. I have asked a question with no answer from him yet but i can only imagine how busy he is and how many questions he gets! Needless to say I have joined the "no-dig revolution". Thank you so much for sharing this detailed tour of his market garden. I would love if you would do another! 😉👍😊👌🌻

Cathy Ford says:

My kind of revolution .thanks

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