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CGI 3D Animated Shorts HD: “Green Living” – by ESMA

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Check out this funny 3D animated short film called “Green Living” as a green sparrow dreams with all his heart to become an elegant flamingo, and will have to rely on the help of his friends.For more information, please see the details and links below:

Realisateurs / Directors: Victor BESSE, Sébastien CAMRRUBI, Valentin DORNEL Benedict Maillet, Philip Monk.
Music & Sound: José Vicente – Studio airmen

Animated film produced as part of the 3D animation training school ESMA © ESMA – School of Artistic Trades

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struan peat says:

near the end when the flamingos got captured i expected the group to go on
a massive adventure to save them and earn their trust, but i suppose your
not supposed to feel sorry for the captured flamingos?

MrQwerty2524 says:

Hmm, i really didn’t understand the expressions at certain points. An
exaggerated smile when he was saying something normal. And it was way to
fast paced. Such a shame after that wonderful flamingo animation at the
start. Great quality though. 

Mike says:

Is that Hoxtons voice actor from Payday 2 doing elephant voice?

Safiyyah Wilkerson says:

Am I the only one concerned about those flamingos?

Liuhuayue says:

I like the stylistic and color choices. Very cute.

Kieran Luscombe says:

I love how creative they can get with such a simple logo.

Allan Gildea says:


bangayo says:

au début j’ai bien pensé aux flamands roses de fantasia ^^

Starius2 says:

So he never saves them? 

The CGBros says:
Nylah Eilts says:

That was very cute

A. Lima says:

Amazing short film.

RubbbyGaming says:

Yeah ! :D

UpBeat Guy kj says:


James Dean says:

love it

Gabrielle G. says:
Giorgio De Novellis says:
Inna Shevchenko says:


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