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Business: Home Green Home: Affordable Green Living | The New York Times

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A development in Western Massachusetts features solar powered, tightly sealed and super-insulated homes, which are nearly off the grid and affordable.

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Business: Home Green Home: Affordable Green Living – NYTimes


Catherine S. Todd says:

Really enjoyed this video and thought they had some great ideas about "building green." The only thing I would do differently is to use only "organic" building materials, including insulation, and not make the building so tight it couldn't "breathe." I am so allergic now to all the chemicals used in the building construction trade, including treated lumber, plywood panel glues and foam insulation, I can't live in my own house anymore. That's something to think about when it comes to living "green."

Barbara Loraine says:

Love, love, love this.  Being green doesn't mean being left out in the cold!  These are great ideas that inspire.

nathans124 says:

livinggreenandfrugally com found some great info for living green there

angelbe88 says:

where's the yards with food growing?

mannoc says:

210k is not affordable to a family of four.

dipesh singh says:

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Mescaline Monk says:

enviormentaly frendly building destroy our economy as that they recuce the amount of traditional materials used there fore weaking the sellers

daltondoyou4 says:

because producing metal and plastic takes more energy than growing/harvesting a tree, also costs alot more money, and building with those materials would be much more difficult and/or not as sturdy

BLacKNesMonsTaz says:

4:25 Geez needs a make over!!! hahahaha sry

Hai Vo says:

Hi, great initiative. We at 3dsolutions have decided to help promote durable residential design & contstruction this year. You can win a 15,000 USD 3d viz package for your design if you'd like to share with us your plans.

I like the video very much, please participate, for we would like to have as many designs from all over the world as possible!

RMCrowley says:

pushing those stupid bulbs.. LEDs are the future.

Thomas Boran says:

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d1incharge says:

Also, at over 100$ per sqft, double walls like that are using $10,000-20,000 worth of floor space, nobody ever thinks about that.

d1incharge says:

I didnt even spend 2500$ last year total utilities for a bigger home, how am I going to save that . The interest it costs to pay the extra on those panels will outway the savings, (even after tax credits) they are getting closer to beating that, but people should know. Plus, does anybody check to make sure the houses arent too tight??? That would be far worse than too leaky.

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