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Building With Bamboo: Why Bamboo Homes Are Eco-Friendly

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So what makes bamboo the perfect alternative for building with lumber? Not only is it as strong as mild steel with the unique ability to bend instead of break during hurricanes or earthquakes, but it’s one of the fastest growing plants around. Learn more about bamboo and how it sequesters CO2 here.


ghani zaman says:
almeidadave1 says:

That house is gorgeous!!! I want one! What’s the approx cost to have one

Westrom GroupCo says:

Sustainable Environment: Bamboo or Wood for building?
Bamboo homes are eco-friendly. Here is exactly why?
Building With Bamboo: Why Bamboo Homes Are Eco-Friendly

James Perry says:

Great intro to the concept

Khadijah Gallagher says:
Alvin Yudistira says:
kibo kim says:

I love the house!!!!.. how much does it cost?

Buddertastic Budder says:


GeTSUGAxX9 says:

many pacific islanders and and south east asian countries including taiwan
are in luxury to have rich bamboo forests and woods

AquaOrangeTsunade says:

You guys are killing pandas

rrubysoho says:

I agree with you, kababayan. When I’ve saved up enough, I’ll have my own
bamboo house. For now I’m keeping busy growing them and maintaining a
live-bamboo fence/screen around my house.

K. Meinzer says:

Easier to bulldoze and replace with a REAL 5,000 square foot mansion, White
walls or ELSE

Cosmic .Cora says:

Bamboo and Hemp made homes are the best Eco-Friendly alternative to regular
housing I have seen yet!

nitin tomar says:

nice ………….

JohnTheHater says:

I would think cost is the factor with bamboo. Sure, everyone would love an
eco-friendly home, but they simply can’t afford it. Look at the steps
required to create a single board. All of those steps take time and as with
anything, time cost money. Stone is the best alternative simply became if
you own land, you own stone.

gwhizkids says:

I love bamboo! I so wanna live in those houses when I grow up! Nice videos

marumito says:

I just hope & wish the Day WILL NOT come when Foreign greedy entities come
& try to monopolize this ancient & rich resource we have in our country!!!
like what they are doing now in some parts of asia like thailand, Malaysia,

Ritchie Adenuja says:

@taleeni it probably might , but i know that it can stand up of the forces
of a earthquake .

amira ese says:

only foreigners can afford it…

nartoelek says:

BAMBOO is great but you need to design it properly and maintain it. Major
challenges in tropical places are pest, vertical design ( because people
cant afford land), durable enough to face certain earthquake 7.5 and stormy
rain, and Burglary!

fay Ramzi says:

I love Bamboo…i plants many different bamboo i want to build my house
with bamboo…

makeiteasyable says:

yet ..its cheaper and cool to sleep with.

marumito says:

bamboo is made for Hurricanes because it mostly grow in tropical areas
which are prone to hurricanes, monsoons, typhoons and thunderstorms!

Zane Carmichael says:

Can it withstand hurricanes?

walkertongdee says:

they address all these issues if you would only no speak before you view.

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