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BIGGEST HEIRLOOM TOMATO Of The Year! Organic Gardening Harvest

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Gardening Harvest Monster?

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Trinity London says:

You are freakin amazing πŸ‘you are doing an awesome job.

bookmouse770 says:

When you have land, you can become a Tomato King! Those Tommies looked wonderful. I have a tomie plant growing in my window and it was exciting to just get a few tomatoes. I don't know what kind it is.. Love your vids πŸ™‚

babe9293 says:

Thanks James.Β  I'll order this the yellow tomato seed to try next season. Always looking for things to try different in the garden. Nice video.

Jodina Cordova says:

Harvested my first cucumber yesterday, It really tasted way better than store bought cucumber.

Garden 4 Life says:

I just started growing tomatoes from seed 2 years ago….And like you, my favorite winter hobby now is picking what tomatoes I will grow the next season…So many varieties, so little space and time!

Robert Rembert says:

Another nice video! That monster tomato looked even better when you cut it open… must have tasted delicious! Thanks for making these, seems like you have some fun while doing it!

hang huynh says:

Hey bro. Can you give me one potatoes like this πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘

Ian Lacey says:

Your video's are already great, but now they are getting slicker in production and you are obviously getting more confident in front of the camera. Well done and thanks for the effort πŸ™‚

Nic Wenzel says:

You''ve inspired me to create a food forest from our hard clay soil! ive added woodchips and manure, and the worms/fungus love it! ill be growing in no time! 17 year old garden fanatic here

ecostudio says:

your best yet. such fun and enthusiasm. sharing this one with a real gardener πŸ™‚

Blind John says:

That Goldie tomato reminds me of one my pep pep grew back in 1934 on the deck of the u.s. Indianapolis over in korea

Jennifer Prescott says:

Beautiful Tomatoe!

princess crystalisnice says:

I love your monster GardenπŸŒΎπŸŒ²πŸŒΏπŸπŸ…πŸ†πŸ‰

SLF4ever says:

I jumped back when the cutting board manifested. Like ohhh snap where did that come from. lol Nice editing. This is such a good channel. I'm so inspired to start a food forest.

Iris2Roses says:

What seed company did you get the Goldie and Soldati tomatoes from?

Kelly Saephanh says:

Can't wait to grow the Goldie next year! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us. 😊

Belamri Farida says:


Kelly Scott says:

Wow, that Goldie looks nice and meaty. Thanks, I will be looking for that variety this winter as I peruse the seed catalogs.

Craig Wilson says:

Thanks James!

Pacific Permaculture says:

Another great video ! ! You have the ability to clear 100,000 subscriptions for sure.Just keep the video rolling.

Phyllis White says:

Cool camera trick. Love those tomatoes

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