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Best Vegetable to Grow for Indoor Gardening & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions including what is the best vegetable to grow indoors, how to prevent roundup contamination on my property from my neighbor? and much more.

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well:

01:32 Can I eat my Peach and Nectarine seeds out of the pits?
03:30 Is there an organic way of controlling nut sedge in your garden?
05:52 Help! Im having problems starting seeds indoors. Everything rots
09:28 My kale is not growing straight. Is that normal? How can I fix this problem?
10:50 How do I use worm castings with trees?
12:38 What is the best vegetable to Grow Indoors?
16:25 How did your texas tomato cages do?
18:34 Why are my worm casting soggy, lumpy and hard?
22:33 How can I prevent roundup contamination from my neighbor?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well:

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مقداد المفرجي says:

thanks Jon…i am from iraq

Hail Kira says:

John, how old are you?

elgranto7 says:

b17 is one of the largest anti cancer treatment lies, please don't promote it.

Earl Edmondson says:

I am in a high humidity area also and I use a small fan and a heat map which helps alot with fungus and rot when starting seed.

fffff says:

is that a money at min 3 in the left upper corner??

Francescadbg says:

I love the reply on the last question hehehehe

Scott Fontana says:

Is that your cat in the background? Kind of looks like a monkey. Thanks for the video.

RedSpiralHand says:

I had an older woman that was using roundup next door and i woke up with the spray drifting in my bedroom windows (!!!) I just showed her how to make her own with vinegar and salt and told her how bad it was for her to be exposed to that poison. She just didn't know and never used it again.

RedSpiralHand says:

That's exactly what I would have said…grow micro-greens and sprouts. Even just soaking your rice and beans a few days before cooking ups the nutritional value and makes them more digestible…

sherry nalder says:

John, you are the best! I am so glad you live here in Vegas area like I do because it is so hard to find anyone that understands this area!

Matthew Niedbala says:

I'd recommend not eating the seeds unless you have cancer. Srsly there's no reason for it especially if you're vegan there's little chance you'll get cancer. The b17 is only if you have cancer and it's not proven.

Frank Rizzo says:

Off subject question john, are you of Hawaiian decent by chance?Jus curious!!

Frank Rizzo says:

Best veggie to grow in your garden bubble gum,purple,kush!! (Winning) waiting for video bro!!

Eagle GoldenGate says:

Sandy, I grew worms inside for several years for my chickens; 5-10,000. I sewed fine screens into the lid and sides of a big plastic storage containers. Egg cartons, and no ink papers, oatmeal and kitchen scraps worked fine after learning they needed more air. Try screening in the container, maybe double your worms with an order and get a system going to change out every few weeks . . . one for adults with eggs, one for new worms and eggs and one for those going out to feed chucks or reptiles or to be allowed to mature for more eggs. Once you start dividing up the kitchen scraps between 3 containers, you worry that you have enough! The tubs with mature worms are the ones to harvest for gardening with super food. All the best!

Rev John O'Toole says:

I use bottom watering tray setup for my micro-greens, solved a lot of issues. slotted 1" by 10" by 20" on top of same tray without holes. they have about a 1/4" space between top and bottom tray. I get both at johnnyseeds.com, they cost a little more but sturdier than the bargain trays.
I also use the wonder soil block, I get the big block and cut it into four blocks, each block will do about eight trays.
some sellers will ship for free if order more than $45, like homedepot

Lee Edwin Chipps-Walton says:

Thanks for linking the times for questions in your description!

D D says:

23:36 Cheapest Weed Killer is gallons of straight vinegar from the Dollar Store for less than $2 in my area. ';D

Mathew Steele says:

Thanks John.

Blessed777 says:

do you live in las vegas?

Marisol Pearls says:

Awesome! Thank you. I had the same question about indoor gardening and limited space. Checking out your microgreen video. Thanks again.

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