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Best Time to Plant Your Vegetables & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions including: When is the best time to plant vegetables? What are my favorite edible flowers, How to get rid of aphids on fruit trees, how to get rid of caterpillars and ants, when to harvest your crops, how to deal with spider mites and fungus gnats organically and much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
11:50 What are your Favorite Edible Flowers to Grow?
12:45 Do you shred your paper, cardboard, and leaves before composting?
13:45 When Do You Plant? When Do You Harvest? How do you Rotate Crops?
20:15 How is Your Aloe Doing? Do You have runner beans for sale?
22:35 What is the Best time to Plant Crops?
24:50 How do I get rid of Ants and Caterpillars out of my garden?
31:30 How do I get rid of termites in my raised bed organically?
33:45 Are you concerned about the Aluminum in Rock Dust?
36:20 How do I treat Aphids on my Fruit Trees?
38:50 When is the best time to plant certain crops?
39:30 When is the best time to feed your crops for best harvest?
41:15 How do you deal with Spider Mites and Fungus Gnats Organically?
46:00 I’m moving to Las Vegas can you talk about the farmer’s markets?
46:25 How do you like las vegas?
50:40 Where is your favorite place to live in the US?

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

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miranda hermes says:

I'm sure they will get back together.They're both beautiful people. Hey John, have you ever done any psychedelics?

Ed Gibson says:

To make foot/hand cleaning easier… make a mixture of Bronners soap and coconut oil (or use the soap alone)… rub it into your hands/feet BEFORE gardening or working on your greasy car. Rub it up under your fingernails/toenails. Wipe off excess, but DO NOT rinse. Cleanup will be MUCH easier.

De Biotuin says:

John, because of the quality of your videos and information, and because of your ability to even integrate personal stories and feelings into your videos, you are a continuing inspiration for me.

Hass moh says:

John, with all due respect, I wish you put your ranting as disclaimer in the description instead of wasting valuable time! people who don't understand in a few words, still wont understand it in a long speech!

Krystal Harper says:

Love your shirt! You should also make one that says "everyday I'm BRUSSELin" lol!!

charlie burgess says:

good luck john .. you won't need it though 🙂 . super intelligent and an awesome attitude ! keep on keeping on and thank you for WHAT you teach!!!

Rich Laue says:

I'm sorry to hear about the breakup.

Pochy Rodriguez says:

i love your videos bro and how they are pretty long ,i love watching them better than watching any tv show 👍.


Thank you for your Videos John! Amazing!!! Much to learn!

Diana Delargy says:

Thank you John for your videos.

Ned-669 says:

Appreciate the videos you do man. Keep them coming. Thank you 🙏

Kerri Inspired says:

😂 lettuce break up! My breaking point was an argument about fried eggs! It happens.

mandy says:

Why don't you make a patreon? I'd support you 🙂

California Gardening Mom says:

Thanks for answering my question about edible flowers!!

Eternal Pupil says:

we did our first garden year before last, was great experience but rabbits and other pests consumed a large % of our harvest due to it being in ground. no garden last year, but this year John's vertical garden episodes gave me a new take on organic gardening and we are in full swing. it is small now but we have big plans! I love this show. John you're awesome, and can we get you to come to michigan? lol

Denise Blaine says:

Hi John ~ Thank you for all your interesting videos…you make it all so enjoyable & interesting !!!

Eternal Pupil says:

Lauren trolls his channel lol, that's cute lol

Krishan Lal says:

for Indians no use

D D says:

41:15 I fought with Spider Mites for 3 years and won when I found out about DE. I put DE in an empty dish soap bottle to make a puffer. Don't be tempted to tear down their webs, puff the webs with DE. It will kill them on contact without toxic chemicals. ';D

D D says:

31:30 From personal experience, a pile of wood chips will draw termites away from your house. ';D

Twisted Chains says:

Sorry to hear about the break up. Didn't see that coming. She was super sweet. Even if she wasn't into raw foods maybe 100%, or 99.9999%, she was at least into it maybe more than most. If I might make a suggestion, I personally thought I could totally see you with that chick from your cannabis video. Maybe you should have another visit to her garden if ya know what I mean. 😉

Edit: Found the video, not even from a full year ago. She seems really cool, pretty and knowledgeable. Basically, she checks all the boxes: https://youtu.be/VlTxZkenoik

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