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Best Organic Gardening Products for Explosive Plant Growth and Yield

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his favorite company that offers organic gardening products that you can add to your soil to increase plant health, growth and yield. Boogie brew also offers natural pest control to control pests in your garden without man-made chemical pesticides.

In this episode John talks about some of his favorite organic fertilizers to add to his garden and how they have affected his plants. He also talks about a small American-owned mom and pop home business that is doing a great service by making the best organic soil amendments available at the lowest possible price for Growing Your Greens viewers.

John will talk about the Boogie Brew Compost Tea, SEA-90 Ocean based trace mineral supplement, Cascade Minerals Rock Dust and Boogie Humus, a low-heat compost that is rich in fungal activity that he uses in his very garden and gets excellent results.

To see the original Boogie Brew Video:

To watch the video on Supersizing your plant growth with wood chips and rock dust:

Learn more about boogie brew at their web site:

To get SPECIAL DISCOUNTED pricing for GYG viewers:

If you would rather not spend money on these products and garden free see:


Marc says:

+Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens
John, I cannot remember (and could not find by searching your past videos)
– have you ever done a side by side comparison using the same plants, same
watering, same base soil mix and then have one with added rock dust,
compost tea, humus etc. and the other treatment without those additional
products and actually grow it for a season to show the difference? I am
sure there are other factors that could come into play, but it would be
really cool to see a semi-controlled experiment to demonstrate the benefit
of these various products.

SomeDorkStoleMyName says:

Universities certainly are aware of the phenomenon of soil depletion. it’s
big ag that doesn’t care.

Kale grows well in Portland because Portland has the ideal climate for
brassicas. Organic matter is important, but there is nothing magic and
explosive about it. Unless they did a control patch where they grew kale
without the composted wood chips at the same time as they grew kale with
it, and kept all other factors the same, the claim doesn’t amount to much.

You don’t have to buy “rock dust” if there is soil on your lot. Just amend
it and care for it. Being sustainable is just as important as being
organic, and importing materials from outside is not sustainable, though it
may be the easy way out.

Forgive me if I am incorrect, but you do get free products in exchange for
making videos about them on YouTube, do you not? That is perfectly fine if
you do. But it is disingenuous for you to say you do not get paid for
promoting these products, because if you are like all the other YouTubers
who do these kinds of sales videos, you are getting paid in free product in
exchange for advertising it on your channel.

Which is a bit of a conflict of interest as well as being disingenuous,
because you are biased toward the product you get for free. If you like to
keep getting it for free, of course you are going to tell people to buy it,
or you won’t get any more for free, yes? Maybe the product is good, but
disclosure is very important, and these sales videos would look more honest
if you admitted that you aren’t just sharing this info to help us out, and
getting nothing in return for yourself. Unless of course that is actually
the case. It usually isn’t though, which is the reason for this comment.

A little bit of education on how to do well without having to purchase
products from a specific company, to balance out the idea of having to buy
everything you need because it is superior to anything you could make on
your own would be appreciated by some of your subscribers, I think, but of
course it is your channel and you will continue to do what you want.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
icawn says:

I love John’s vids and advice. But, I simply cannot vision how I could
possibly get ahead and save money, while still incorporating all the great
advice John provides. I have started partaking in gardening just this
year. Considering everything– lumber, dirt, additives, water, plants,
pots, trellises, stakes, ties, etc etc etc & etc… I’m somewhere ~$1500
invested with roughly $50 of vegetables in result. They’re awesome huge
and tasty veggies, but still too costly. I have several fruit trees, too,
which weren’t very cheap and won’t produce for a few years. Next year, I
could get even deeper invested in trying aqua/hydroponics, an irrigation
system, greenhouse, and growing other types of plants, in addition to
expanding what I am already doing. I feel as though the only way I could
save money is if I were to keep it extremely basic—a big pile of dirt
with plants and nothing more. I live on 0.75 acres. It’s a very fun and
rewarding hobby, but I’m afraid I cannot sustain it with my current rate.
The upfront costs are doing me in. HELLLP!! D:

Mandel Brotwurstershire says:

I want this product, but of coarse most American companies wont ship to
Canada. I guess we are second class humans up here. according to Obama you
guys are number one and exceptional, so you’re not allowed to share.

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

Its great to find a company who has it all in one fell swoop. Thanks,

garden frugal says:

It looks like you have a new bag of cascade minerals. I hope you used that
large bag I sent you. Cascade minerals are the best!!!!!

Joe Feser says:

John, what about BioChar? I sent you information about a good supplier. I
hope you received the sample from them.

bloom4mee says:

I do not understand why people come on here and write 500 words essays
detailing that they disagree with what is being put out there. Goodness!
#getyolife & your own channel teaching others YOUR OPINION on organic
gardening like John repeatedly says he is doing. Take it or leave it.

pennvloger says:

ive been using the SEA-90 one pinch per one gallon with a pinch of epsom
salt every day an my plants are growing 2 to 3 inches a day! the SEA-90 is
really good stuff. heres a tip if your leaves start getting a little bit
yellow back off the sea-90 an epson salt an just flush out the roots a few
times an begin adding the sea-90 an epson again once the leaves get dark
green again

Sabrina W. says:

hahahahaha fun-guys and fun-girls teehee

Trelopoulos lotre says:

No Europe shipping…too bad

Cherie Shefton says:

So much info…nice!

South Florida Farming says:

so funny to see josh in that older video…lol…he seemed so skittish
about being on the vid with john…lol

Wesley Denney says:

John I have been having a problem here in central Cali with my tomatoes.
They are growing great, blooming great, but no fruit. Other people I have
talked to have been having the same problem. There has been a noticeable
lack of bees the last two years. Could this be my problem?

LandscapeArtist says:

Discount on what? The prices are crazy high before shipping. The company I
order from in Oregon is cheaper than them even after shipping. I am not
sure who this video is supposed to help when other companies sell the same
products cheaper. Then we get smoke blown up our poop shoots from John.The
one guy on youtube I respect and love his recommendations is maybe weaning
me away with this video. Special discount my rectum. Order from this
company instead.

doloinc says:

+Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

Why doesn’t boogie brew offer azomite anymore? All they have is that
elemite stuff on their page

KevinInBeantown says:

great product,just really smells like shit

Chris Newton says:

Thanks John, It is so hard to find good safe products for gardening.

Bianca Zoie says:

Thanks John for another great video. I agree with you universities go so
far with their knowledge. In my opinion, it is we “the people” that do the
work, test the process, and get the learning, and we share it out of caring
for each other and the planet. Thus we take the power back as we make our
own choices to keep on learning, keep on growing and not support the big
corporations that care nothing more than making money . Thank you for
all the support you give to new people who care to make a difference. – to
stat-up companies that make the highest quality products they know how…
and all for our own good. You’re the best. !! love your great uplifting
dynamite attitude. Keep on growin 🙂 Keep on sharin :)

Bailey Tanner says:

Love u vids but try to cep under 10 min more people will watch 

qwer ty says:

hey john, why dont use use a mulch in your beds? I find that using some
straw as a mulch allows the roots/microbes to populate that top few inches
of soil, which is where most of the aerobic bacteria thrives. Also allows
you to water less, saving water.

Marsha B says:

Thanks John, for all your info. My garden is now feeding me & my family.
It’s looking so nice. Last year I started with one raised bed. Now I have 4
of them, with a large grape arbor. & 6 fruit dwarf trees. Thanks to you. &
all your great videos and deals you get us. Bless you John. Hugs! 

Dietrich Potts says:

Nice vid

mark fisher says:

Hey john,i like your videos but the problem is these products are
expensive. Why not use cover crops for a fraction of the cost. Interplant
these crops with food crops. and yes this is growing your own manure and

Gloria Walker says:

In John we trust.

jo232409 says:

I use cascade minerals. I bought it because I wanted a local AZOMITE
substitute, and it was fairly hard to find, even in Portland, Oregon.

Southern Homesteading says:

Love that company!

Robert Johnson says:

Gotta thank John for another great video. We are one of the small family
businesses he spoke of near the end of the video. We are the Boogie Brew
distributor in Florida. Please visit us at http://www.GreenThumbMagic.com or give
us a call. The contact numbers are on the web site.
These products really do allow you to, as Josh says, “Brew your way to a
greener thumb today”. 

Jeffrey Sawyer says:

Thanks I am getting some for my birthday as a present! Is that garden geeky
or what? I love your videos and always learn something from you. Keep you
the good work!

piffdaddy420 says:

i have a tree stump that has been rotting away (it was a pine tree) in my
backyard. i was wondering if it would be similar to chip off some of the
wood from the stump and put it in my soil? thx. 

Chris Lebarron says:

The link that says .com is just leading to an adsence site

Mark Ogilvie says:

We need to know more about the native soil we are starting with. Some areas
are deficient in Calcium, others in Selenium. Ask ourselves: is our soil
acidic or basic, mineralized or rich in organics? John Kohler’s product
suggestions are great, but I don’t see this as advice to take a shotgun
approach to soil improvement. It is up to us to learn what our soil needs,
starting with recycling on our own yards or farms, then local sources, and
lastly, outsource only as needed. I like John’s emphasis on healthy soil
biology, not just focusing on soil chemistry.

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