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Best Eco-Friendly Diapers! – itsMommysLife

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Nathan Rogers says:

Sellout Alert:
You and Banjo have raved about honest diapers for about 2 years now. Looks
like a company offered you a better deal. 

Vivi Martinez says:

Judy never mentiones using eb diapers in any of her vlogs in her whole
Hawaii vlog ive seen Huggies :(

Davina Johnson says:

I’m guessing the Honest Company is done with you now lol. 

strawberriesncandii says:

Awwwwww 0:18-0:21

Adries Cat says:

I am not bothered at Judy trying to make money for her kids…I think it
just bothers me that there are some youtubers who are getting freebies and
sponsored/payed for products and then suddenly their like omg this is the
best product ever… When clearly you’ve been using an other product for a
longest time… Youtubers are becoming commercial actors now lolol whatever
I use what I want earth best and judy can’t change my mind lolol

Jessica Cruz says:

Ok why not mention the brand honest you have said in your vlogs that they
are not doing the job . I just don’t get why cant you just say the name you
already called them out. I am sorry if I am coming off rude but Judy used
to be someone I would watch all he time lately I feel like she is not the
same person. I don’t get the point of lying. Please stop with the you are a
B*** and stupid and Jealous emails it gets old. I am not bashing I adore
them but when she is not honest. I just can not watch for awhile . 

Amber Philly says:

WHAT!!! Judy I think you had explosions to be “honest” was because you had
the wrong size and maybe not changing them in the middle of the night.
Because when you show JB when she wakes up her diaper is loaded hanging do
you not change her at night. Because you guys did say you would put two on
her. You were pimping out honest for some time and now its Earth’s best . I
just can not support a LIAR seriously Judy was is going on with you . You
have changed so much. I don’t mind sponsor videos I think as long you are
honest but lets face it Judy you are not “HONEST”

Michelle Perez says:

Here comes the hate so what if she was reached out to buy the company to
promote the diapers ??? She is not the first or the last person on YouTube
to do a sponsored video. Why the hate i would love to get paid to use
products you people are a bunch of haters she does YouTube as her hustle to
provide for her family and you all have still sit here and hate her for it
when it’s simple you don’t like don’t watch #byefelicia ✌

westmeetseast says:

Iam guessing you got rid of honest diapers bc of your lack of honesty…
Judy you use huggies stop.

Katelyn Birkemeyer says:

I always see them using Huggies …

Taylor Alwine says:

This is a SEVERE lack of honesty, this really upsets me. I’m tempted to
stop watching all of her channels because of this. Hope losing major
respect was worth the money. 

Sabrinafour says:

I can not believe Judy is lying to all her viewers it was always honest
honest honest. And you also slammed them by saying they leak we already
know the brand but why hide it in this sponsored video ? Because they are
false accusations hoping they would see and send you free items . This is
really a all time low. I appreciate when the vloggers I watch flat out say
thanks to my sponsors give it up for my sponsor it’s more better than to be
sneaky and lie and seem fake. Judy you have change for the worse do not
become your husband and be smug 

himissanna says:

Didn’t you guys hear Judy say she used the diapers with JUlianna? Honest

Luz Fania says:

I am so pleased with the comments and people finally calling her out
instead of kissing her ass ! 

suzan chimp says:

Sponsored by earth’s best….seriously? 

Amanda Musso says:

Dont worry guys, when these nappies have leakage problems she will complain
and seek another endorsement from a brand. Judy just loooooves raking in
that money, even if that means lying. And seriously judy, your acting
skills are really bad, maybe practice your script first before filming. 

Isabel Valera says:

This video felt a little scripted, but I believe your review :)

flavio2665 says:


isabellaannerose123 says:

Sponsored *rolls eyes*

desmissa says:

Judy can’t say the company “Honest” because it is a sponsored video FOR
Earth’s Best diapers, which is the main topic of the video. Mentioning
another company may not work in the benefit of Earth’s Best, so that is why
she probably did not say it. And she did say in her vlogs that she did not
like Honest diapers anymore, for a valid reason. It is just her preference.
And she is just trying to give eco-friendly families tips for diapers based
on her experience. jeeeez chill everyone it’s just diapers! :)

WiiGurlGaming says:

They had a poop explosion cause their diapers were too small! You ordered
the wrong size and you used them anyways so you won’t waste them and thats
why it happens. Also, you used Honest diapers for many months, not Earth’s
Best! Don’t lie!

DishingUpTheDodgers says:

I’ve been using Honest Co. diapers since they began years ago for my
daughter who is now 3, and I’ve never had any leakage issues. Judy was
using the wrong size for the Twins.

EarthAngelinKC says:

Do you get these diapers for free from this company when you promote them
on utube?

Raze71 says:

Such a lying sell-out. Anything for $ huh? I guess Honest didn’t want to
sponsor you, how much you begged…

choubleubh says:

The only Eco-Friendly diapers are cloth diapers….the Earth doesn’t like
poop being thrown into a landfill wrapped in plastic and paper. I’m bummed
you gave up on cloth diapers after using one brand when you tried multiple
disposable brands.

Brenda Marin says:

Like I said you get leaks and Pop explosions Cuz you have the twins in
wrong size diapers instead of you using 3 you should used 4

M.J.MommyOnTheGo says:

The title of the video is a dead give away. She wants sponsor. She made her
self look like a fool just now she did not bother to even put in the effort
to make it sneaky. Seriously im so mad im done so done. Sick. Unsubscribe.

Gabriela Morales says:

this brand wasn’t so great for us and we actually switched to honest and it
worked out better.

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