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Beautiful in White Living Vehicle New Vision for Sustainable Living

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Beautiful in White Living Vehicle New Vision for Sustainable Living
The price for the 2018 Living Vehicle is $149,995

Ready for your Living Vehicle? Here are the next steps.
Submit a fully refundable $5,000 deposit to reserve your place in line for the next Living Vehicle production slot available.
Once your deposit is received, youโ€™ll be contacted by a Living Vehicle Ambassador to proceed with your order.
Need more information before youโ€™re ready to move forward? Your ambassador will work directly with you to answer any product questions, discuss terms of your order including timing, payment, and configuration after we have received the deposit.

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Tiny House Listing says:

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Living Vehicle Inc. says:

Thank you for the post. We appreciate your interest in Living Vehicleโ„ข. To respond to a few of the concerns that were voiced below, we would like to start by stating that the price for the 2018 Living Vehicle is $149,995. From the materials used, to the source of our manufacturing in the USA, this product is designed and engineered with an unprecedented standard of quality. Living Vehicle is a mobile space that is designed specifically for full-time living. In order to achieve this purpose, our product not only has the lifespan and functionality of a traditional home, it is supported by a comprehensive Customer Care network. As a company, we are committed to maximizing value for our customers. Our prices are strategically designed to reflect that.

JesusFreakJen says:

I have to say that the kitchen area reminds me of an RV.ย  Also, the mirrors on the outside I believe would be a hindrance for finding a town that would allow it.ย If the sun was hitting it just right, it could blind a driver passing by.ย  Maybe if it was out on 35 acres, but then I don't think this style would be best suited for that. And I have a agree with the other comment that it is way too expensive.ย  Some people are getting really greedy making tiny homes these days.

Carolyn Thomas says:

Very nice, but the price is unreasonably expensive!

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