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Beautiful Eco Friendly Natural Built Homes

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A collection of various artistic designs of cob and natural built homes.
Contains a selection of pictures with kind permission from http://naturalhomes.org
Music is from Dan Gibson’s Nature Sounds – Solitudes album – song Walking through the Forest.

We are very interested in building our own cob homes. My family and I have finally purchased our land – I’ve uploaded a website to keep people posted on our progress in self sufficient living while being eco conscious as possible. http://theoasishomeofsacredspaces.weebly.com/


ReligiousZombie says:

So many nooks and crannies, dusting would be a nightmare.

Heritage Cob and Lime says:

Check out this video of beautiful cob #homes Beautiful Eco Friendly Natural
Built Homes

ezrabiggins90 says:

This made me cry, it’s so beautiful. A life of creativity and humility.
It is possible! 

Nutpaphol Jarunawin says:


Geline Avenir says:

I love those houses..with special character in it. Those are cool inside,
and solid to protect from the elements. In Iceland, I’ve seen the Sod
houses everywhere. Fred Flintstones was a smart man 🙂 

shawnfella says:

K, that’s it…I’m moving out of this dump and getting me one of those
Hobbit holes.

Silvia Voss says:

WOW, thank you for sharing

ClockworkOmen says:

2:03 is my dream home. A Hobbit hole would be beyond amazing.

Antonio Carlos says:
Marjri Glenn says:

I love these

cheryl s xavier says:

oh my god!!!!!!! I love these homes!!!!!! please keep up the good
work!!!!!!! I m saving money now to buy some land to make me and my
daughter a home like these. she loves them too!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Columbia,
S.C. !!!!!!!!!!!

Solar Power Gadget says:

Beautiful Eco Friendly Natural Built Homes

David Drake says:
Justwantahover says:

Shit! Some hippies really have “got their shit together”. lol

fgdreaming says:
virgorouge says:


Shanan Tana says:
Christine Cleobury says:


Sam Barrow says:

Look up Adam Wiseman And Katy Bryce ‘Building with Cob” its on YouTube and
l think they have a book on how to build your own.

GFWoodchuck says:

Now is the perfect time. Your children are grown, they don’t cost much,
you’re still young. Don’t hold yourself back…

Sara James says:

Hey,Moonlight Windsong, thats really amazing, those houses remind me my
visit to the old city of Sana’a the capital of Yemen. Thanks for uploading
this beautiful video

sk8board44 says:

Nice video but these are not all cob houses.

atcandela says:

much appreciate it if you do find it. i’ve since looked at various other
styles to start minding a cob design.

Sam Barrow says:

That was so lovely, thank you 🙂

Marianne Facultatif says:

Thank you for this sublime video

Ondrej Sabol says:

Some of these houses are definitely not cob houses. Some of them are
monolithic concrete domes built by Vetch (erdhaus.ch).

nzinga zindua says:

Thanks for your kind, inspirational words. I do have an old garage that i’d
like to transform into an off-grid living space. It’s wooden and concrete
floor. Large lift up door is broke off it’s hinges. Maybe sometime in the
future i could do something with it.

Ashley Cain says:

Me and my soon to be fiance are looking into building a cob home. We are
both 19 and have land to begin the project on, I cannot wait to begin my
life in such a natural, beautiful home as this. Super excited!

TheTcooper50 says:

Nothing is impossible Nzinga, just believe, the universe can provide
anything but we must believe we can have it. Love and Light

nzinga zindua says:

My dream house. Wish i had started early in life to build a family home
like this. Unfortunately, at 51, urban dweller, grown children, low-income,
probably not realistic to obtain one in this life. Perhaps the next if i’m
allowed to have wisdom at an early age.

Gogo Aponi says:

OMG, amazing cob houses with amazing ideas, love it…

TheErinStarship says:

51 is the perfect age to start! All of the conditions you listed make it
even easier! you no longer have children to provide for, so you dont have
to worry about that. Do it, nzinga! Make it happen and inspire others that
also have the dream. If one of us makes it, we all can make it!

MultiScrappydo says:


nzinga zindua says:

Thanks Michal Simko. I love people like u.

Joan Wheaton says:

What is this music?…it is incredibly beautiful! ♥

Gubia Pe says:

No matter how rustic, dirty looks your garage….once you’ll start working
on it and making dirty your hand, by doing so, the peace and joy will start
dancing inside of your soul and the drirt will no longer matter 🙂

Moonlight Windsong says:

atcandela, unfortunately I do not. I will look for it though and see what I
can find. If I do find it, I will reply here again for you. 🙂

atcandela says:

Do you have a reference link to the image on 4:13? It looks like a loft and
is pretty much what I’m looking for in a cob design home.

Youngman Kim says:

Good. greenhouse, Korean calling “ummack”, i like home.

Moonlight Windsong says:

TheTcooper and ErinStarship are correct Nzinga! The world is waking up and
are trying to help others. There are organizations where volunteers come to
learn while you provide food and shelter for their work. WWOOFERS
(WWOOF.org) are people that volunteer their time and work to help you grow
organic. They are everywhere now. POOSHERS (poosh.org) are helping build
natural homes is just getting started, but just seeing this shows that the
time is coming. HAVE FAITH hun!

Sajid Rafique says:

My dream houses . Give me a hippie girl and one of these houses

Gurpyaara says:

12 hours and about 5 grand

Alex Kar says:

we create the reality around us! just start 🙂

Naledie says:


Gubia Pe says:

nzinga…..it depends where do you live + how many people you have arround
you who think in a same way…..The cob houses are mostly owner build
woman+children included. Wishing you that in this life you will have
one….even if it is a garden shed. All the best.

dearmalika says:

Amazing! I love it!

DaSchiz0Gam3r says:

these houses remind me of some fantasy rpg like legends of dragoon, very
awesome, I wouldn’t mind living in a house like this somewhere out in
nature, if all people could aim for something like this, it would
dramatically help the earth and ourselves as well.

Moonlight Windsong says:

OOps, I meant google thepoosh.org and wwoofusa.org 🙂

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