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Back to Eden Organic Gardening Method 101 Soil Improvement with Wood Chips Garden Series Part 3

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POTATOES UPDATE In Jan..Back to Eden Start a Organic Gardening Method 101 Soil Improvement with Wood Chips Garden Series Part 3. Just like Paul Gautschi Planting shows.


John Reusch says:

Mark have you ever or would you think of using beneficial nematodes for the wire worms?  I believe they will eat the wire worms. I use them on my peach trees for the peach tree borer.

Gordon Booth says:

I started leaving out. Great success! I paniced a little finding similar problems. However bad bits compost and crops get stronger from year to year. So dont worry, natural selection takes place week ones disapear.

Frank M says:

Thank you Mark, again always informative, it will be a long time before I get into the garden again, Zone 5b here in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada.

Farmer Pat. Back to the Basics says:

Hey Mark hope all is well! What do you do about wire worms? That seems to be the biggest problem when I grow potatoes. The worst part is if you don't cut those black spots out before eating the potato, it tastes AWFUL!

OhHowHappyGardener says:

Interesting…. so when you harvest in the summer, you'll replant the same day?

Travis Kahre says:

Thank you for another great video. Question: Do you turn your leaves when making your leaf mold? If so how often?

Donald Damron says:

Thanks Mark for your input on planting potatoes, I have learned allot from you, Don

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Here in Baltimore our zone must now be 8 in winter…we have been really very warm again for the second season in a row…bees are doing horrible down here…

RD Kitchen Garden says:

interesting video. have a great day

Richard Sydenham says:

They will all come up in spring I live in Germany and this year we had temps for two weeks -10/12 c but the potatoes seill in the ground already have sprouts on them and also if you forget any they always start growing in spring

Lena McCown says:

Great experiment. Thanks .

St. Isidore's Farm says:

Mark, so glad that you found our channel, so that we in turn could find yours. These videos are so informative and helpful. Keep up the great work – God bless!

Donald Damron says:

Not sure, but I think Paul plants potatoes in late summer and harvests in spring, am I correct?

Donald Damron says:

Thanks Mark, good info, will look at it and learn

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, I live in NC not sure what zone, but I thought I could plant them in Feb, later part. I'm new to all this


These Potatoes where planted First time in April 14, 2016. They grew, but ran into a crop failure due to Colorado Potato Beatles. At Harvest time in July 2016 for Baby Red potatoes took some out to sell but planted back these that you see in the video now. Just checking to see how they are doing….THANKS

Donald Damron says:

Thanks Mark, thanks for sharing, I have ordered potatoes and plan to plant next month in my BTE wood chip garden around my apple trees like Paul.

James Ruland says:

Great Video this will be my 1st year trying to grow potatoes. I also live in NJ south . When do you suggest I plant them ? Im also planting in wood chips along with mulched up leaves.

tsx3214 says:

Thanks, Mark. So these are potatoes you didn't harvest because you wanted to leave next year's potential "seeds" for your springtime planting without having to replant them, correct?

Joe Bucci says:

Mark, thank you for the update, next week I will plant potatoes for the first time under leaves that I have collected for 2 years. Here in Nor-Cal, the red clay is very difficult to grow underground veggies, I hope the leaves will help.

Southpaw Davey urban farm. says:

Seems like you had a warm winter and we had the cold one this year. I had problems with wire worms last year took out all my early lettuce in one bed and cucumber too.

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