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Back To Eden Organic Gardening: Gardening OUTSIDE THE BOX!

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~~~ Friends,…….STARRY IS STILL RECOVERING BUT..she has lots of Saved videos that we are trying to UPLOAD for all of you!!!

SO As she heals up..JOIN HER in some of her NEW VIDEOS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT!!! SHARe SHRe SHARE..its helps her out alot!!!

Back To Eden Gardening:
Starry talks about the BTE philosophy of gardening and the Benefits of gardening OUTSIDE THE BOX!!
At one time the Hilders had cement blocks for raised beds..but soon found with this method of gardening that A GARDEN shouldnt BE contained! NOT when it is REFLECTING and mimicking nature! So out came the cement blocks and in came more wood chips.
Now The Hilders reap the benefits of letting GOD do it his way. Growth Everywhere..natural pollination, no pests, companion plants thriving..A DIVERSE garden that truly is outside the box!!

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Rachel Tomlinson says:

Plants popping up wherever they like is like God's gift to you,a reward for your kindness and love in sharing your wisdom with us xxxxxx

gotpubliccom 7 says:

Hi Starry! Great video. Your garden is always so beautiful! I notice from your other videos that you can a lot of your own food. In this video, you mention that you grow heirloom tomatoes. Do you can these heirloom tomatoes? I need to learn how to can, but people keep telling me that heirloom tomatoes are bad for canning…?? Not sure why. Do you have any insight on this?? Thanks!

Jeanette Doorey says:

What do you feed your crops?

Fida Aifiya says:

potatoes plant everywhere! makes people happy

Sharona Goren says:

I love your video, love your ways Starry Hilder! You are truly inspiring.

Peggy Lindenthaler says:

In my gardening, I've found these little white caterpillar thingies that are curled up in my soil.  What are they?

Peggy Lindenthaler says:

Teacher, I got a question.  You say you grow mustard?  How do you make the spreadable kind of mustard from your plants?  I would love to see a video on it. And, can you can it?

Cate's Garden says:

I love how you got a "surprise" pumpkin plant! That happened to us last year! I tossed our carved jack-o'-lanterns into the side yard and the next summer, what do you know…LOL…

suwadbureau says:

Wish you quick recovery.

Katie L Hagerty says:


LemonChronicle says:

You have a great garden. When do you start to grow? My first garden box – I made and overcrowded tomatoes. Squash flowered but never produced and watermelon flowered but did not produce. I mixed the wrong kind together. The tomatoes were very tiny. Organic seeds. I started too late!

dave reid says:

your hot !!!!!

Francine Rollin says:

Great garden, I like the way you thing about the gardening. I hope you have someone to take care of your beautiful garde, Take care. God bless. Hugs.

Deborah Hogarty says:

How often do you add wood chips through the year or do you just wait a couple of years if you have it 6 inches deep?

Grandma Patty says:

I loved seeing the bee at work around you. Years ago I had many herb gardens planted around my property; in early spring garlic chives sprout up everywhere. Funny they didn't want to grow where I planted them, but they found their place in my strawberry patch. I wish I had something that ate slugs. I used diatomaceous earth, but these things are determined to get my berries. I'm stuck in the city; my husband is a steel worker. We are two streets over from his job. I wish we could raise chickens. The three young grandson's I am raising love chicken. I hope your hives are calming down. With pain you can still yourself to try to cope, but itching can drive one to madness. My nerve damage gave me two days of itching last week that drove me up a wall. The itch is deep, and the surface of my skin is numb, so no matter how much I try to scratch it I can't feel the scratching. There is a lotion called Sarna that is for itching skin, but when I tried it the mint in it made me feel like I was freezing. It's always something. I love my olive oil soap. It's the first soap I ever used that does not contribute to my skin problems. It's down side is it melts away fast if any water is left on it. I lather up in one wet hand and switch up lathering in my dry hand before setting it down in the soap dish. I'm so sorry your body is going through all this, but I praise G-D your eyes can still witness all that beauty all around you. Thank you for posting this video. I love your work. I'll have to show this one to my husband. We are preparing a large garden spot for next year. Our ground is lower than the rest of the block, so we have had to bring in lots and lots of soil to get up above the water that pools in our extra lot. What's worse is our neighbors bring in the big truck that sprays chemicals all over their property. Their chemicals killed my weeping willow that is suppose to grow like a weed. That's some bad stuff, but their grass is very green. We have tons of dandelions. I count bees.

Rachael Overman says:

Praying for you as you heal up!! Rest! 🙂 Love this video, beautiful garden. I too let the volunteer plants grow where ever they come up. love the volunteers! they seem to be stronger then others too.

Duncan Williams says:

my wife and i love watching your videos hope you get better fast

MerAngel12121 says:

Starry, I have much the same philosophy as you on allowing the plants in the garden or anywhere on my property to grow as they please. i don't even like to prune my old white peach tree, though I know she needs it. You made me smile as I was watching this video. I believe plants respond to being allowed the freedom to take root where they please. Loving energy that emanates from your heart is evident in your healthy, footloose and fancy free, lush and fruitful plants, Starry. My Healing Thoughts are with you, my friend.

Darlene Bowers says:

Starry, you are still in my thoughts and prayers…Dar

Wisdom Offered says:

keep resting dear, dont worry about us xx

Kerrie Grant says:

Keep getting well Dear xxx

Paul Pritchard says:

Thank U Starry, Susan and I ask GOD to heal U and bring U back BIGGER THAN EVER. As I said a few days ago our Back to Eden Garden is going CRAZY and thanks to your teaching we are eating good clean food. We pray for U and Mr. Hilder daily and yes let your body heal.  Paul & Susan North Georgia

Soa bove says:

Love and prayers your way Starry and Mr Hilder. I pray you are coming along in your recovery.

karla grecar says:

Still praying for you, please remember to rest. I have a question about the pine cones in the rough pumpkin….are the pine cones natural "bug houses" or is there another reason for them?

slyplaymike1 says:

keep living roots in the ground

slyplaymike1 says:

it's amazing….my rogue tomatoes are always the best

Grow Healthy Vending says:

You have a beautiful garden! We love what your doing, great job! Your excitement makes us excited to work on our company garden.

Cultivating Organic by Jo & Mig says:

Great video.  Get well soon Star.

orbits2 says:

she got her brains blown out .
i,m lost here

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