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Back to Eden Organic Gardening 101 Method with Wood Chips VS Leaves Composting Garden Soil #2

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WHY IT WORKS . Part 2 of 12 Part Garden Series that will help you understand the PRO’S & CON’S of Back to Eden organic deep mulch gardening 101 method with wood chips to composting just Fall leaves. Great start for beginners tour our secrets for building organic garden soil for vegetables 101 documentary with pest control. Looking into soil food web & soil health in organic garden. diy garden.

PH METER source: https://www.amazon.com/Kelway-Soil-pH-Moisture-Meter/dp/B003DWAM9Q/ref=sr_1_36?ie=UTF8&qid=1484752120&sr=8-36&keywords=soil+ph+meter

spelled Flocculation . Link to definition : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flocculation

Calcium Oxalate :


sikamikan says:

Great content in this video. just subscribed. thanks for sharing!

Skibrzy says:

what about sandy soil as I live in florida?

Brad Taylor says:

Q. when building soil, my soil is sand, I have been putting leaves and grass compost into my garden. I have recently added ground up wood chips. Do you till the ground to cultivate the material and air back into the ground or just layer it on top of each other?

Beppe Sapone says:

Ta very much …. That was really interesting ….life changing in fact.

Gary says:

So how can I deal with beach sand type soil? Just started tilling and working this soil but having a hard time with moisture. When I say sand I mean my property must have been ocean front at one time.

A Buzzell Life says:

I'm just starting a garden but it's been raining so much here that there is mold growing everywhere on my back yard. Would planting grass help? Or should I just put down wood chips?

Homestead By the sea says:

Can you share what meters you are using. I have a real trouble with PH reading here and our one store only carries one that does not work. Id like to get my hands on all 3 of these if you can tell the brand and such. THANKS

johnny0253 says:

if u don't have woodchips or leaves can you use cardboard boxes??

florence marini says:


wade nicholls says:

this video has the most amazing likes to dislikes ratio i have ever seen. awesome mate well done

Humble Little Homestead says:

great video! I just subscribed! this is the first video of yours I've watched so I need to go watch the rest. I'm trying this with my garden but am using leaves and hay. Right now I have my chickens running in there to help break down the mulch. I like your detailed explanation on how this works.

Simple Thoughts says:

thank you so much for explained it so well 🙂

Homosapiensapien says:

This testing is wrong. Have a thermometer sticking more than half way out of the ground without insulation will give false readings.

VictoriA M says:

Are the mushrooms poisonous? Just wondering in case my dog tried to eat.

Joy Kaluf says:

I'm trying to look up the word you were talking about, but don't know how to spell it….it had to do with clay particles…..flackily???  How do you spell it?  Thanks!

Kal Red says:

Where do you get the wood chips from? Can I get any kind of wood chips from tree trimming company? I am planning to use just the woodchips and no leaves.

Mel Del says:

Can wood chips and leaves be mixed together? Or is it best to keep it simple and only choose one?

Davey Face says:

good info, i plan to combine this with huglekulture, im working on a hugle bed with tons of fungus covered wet rotted logs buried under the soil, covered with compost and leaves and chips, then a green mulch to fix nitrogen and keep living roots in the soil

Gregory B says:

absolutely fantastic video great

Doyle Zechman says:

I have watched all the videos in this playlist and am on my second time around.  Was wondering if you might tell me the Manufacturer and model number of the temp, moisture, and ph meter/gauges.  Thanks for all the helpful info.

Flower Girl says:

Great explanation on how everything works together to make healthy soil. Thank you and God Bless you and your family.

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