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Back to Eden Organic Gardening 101 Method with Wood Chips VS Leaves Composting Garden Series # 8

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2nd FAIL-Find out WHY? This is Part 8 of 12 Part Series that will help you understand the PRO’S & CON’S of Back to Eden organic deep mulch gardening 101 method with wood chips to composting just Fall leaves. Great start for beginners Tour our secrets for organic soil & growing gardening vegetables 101 documentary with pest control. Looking into soil food web & soil health in a no till organic garden. diy garden. Organic gardening and farming


Annie Gaddis says:

QUESTION: Did you plant those into the woodchips, or in the dirt UNDER the chips?

Cmull100 M says:

how did you raise the soil?

Brian Gable says:

Thank you for the video Mark, I have been trying to build up a permaculture garden in a 1/2 acre orchard and veg garden, I have read and watched everything from Paul G, Geoff Lawton, and our own Charles Dowding, etc.
They all steer away from monoculture and include deep rooted herbs, vegetables, trees and weeds, like the nettle and dock. My woodchips are in rows with grass paths between, and at certain times are covered in a huge selection of mushrooms and I mean thousands of fruiting bodies per m² .
The other two things you should consider is companion plants and perennial plants creating a food forest.
Happy New Year to you and your boys

envirobug says:

I love how you point out what the insect is and what it does to the leaf… all I ever call them are spots. Very educational to watch you show what the insect does!! Thank you!!

Zaatar Gardens says:

Very moved by that ending, subscribed

Anthony MacArthur says:

As i watch this series the one question i have is this. over time when wood chips start breaking down. does the wood chips surpass the leaves. in another words the leaves are way smaller therefore breakdown faster (look at that started my sentence prepositional phrase) 🙂
than the wood chips but in a couple of years the wood chips may surpass the leaves.

Big Al Sparks says:

You turkey, you scared me! I was so bummed when you said plant pine trees, I hate pine trees. Then you come back with, Paul has apple trees to solve the issue, oh hell I have apple and pear trees 50' away, phew! close one!

Sulyn Lam says:

Your gardening observation and analysis is satisfyingly detailed and your thoughtful consideration of your viewers continues to be truly inspiring.

All the very best to you and your sons – they are lucky to have you for a father.

Thyda's TV says:

What are those blue plastic pipes for?

Jeff Sullivan says:

I too am fascinated by Back to Eden. Would planting rye grass before applying the wood chips give it a head start improving the soil letting by the roots do their magic? I have a very wet back yard with a clay base. I dug a hole and put in a sump tank and pump to control the water level and it seems to work.

u2sharp says:

woodchip compost slower compare to leaves

NTMDTR205605 says:

It might be the plastic. not allowing evap

Paul Leblanc says:

Thanks, very informative. I had the same issues this 1st yr back to eden garden. You just showed me everything that I saw and couldn't explain. Next year will be better!

Micki A says:

YES!!! I had this exact problem the first year of BTE! My plants finally took off in late August and September and the frost came 😖

ETM360 says:

Would drainage channels filled with wood chips be effective on a gently sloping clay plot?

OliverItPod says:

So this was in 2016. I understood that in like 2008 PG had been doing the method for like 30 years… Chicken compost, lots of green stuff
It SEEMS that you should be dropping all those leaves and chips atop them

Random Girl says:

This means that your soil is poor in macro nutrients that are required for the growth of vegetables. That explains it…. Egh….. Why are you so blind… Woodchips and leaves have different chemical composition.. On the right your not giving macro nutrients and on the left you are, because when the leaves decompose they give p, n, k., ca and mg to the soil……… It doesn't have to do with the past it has to do with the present……

john hopper says:

Keep in mind back to eden Paul Gautschi had was over a decade of laying wood chips. A lot of decade wood full of chicken manure. It would impossible to copy this method 100% in a first year garden. If you wanted to try this method you could try a layer of leaves then wood chips every year until you built a sustainable growing foundation over 5+ years.

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