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Back To Eden Garden Tour: Successful Organic Gardening

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Back To Eden Method has created a successful organic garden for us here in the mountains!. We have had an explosion of growth in very little time and 100 degree weather. Water? Well we could be watering daily but we don’t. The heavy wood chips and compost has protected our rich soil and helped with water evaporation and has actually kept the plants healthy and happy!

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shellie strugnell says:

Thank you for the beautiful video, Starry! I had the honor of being able to go to the original Back to Eden garden at Paul Gautzi's place and there is so much to learn! But it is also so simple. God layers….and He never, ever removes covering or tills. I recommend watching the video and all of the mini you tube videos about his methods to everyone for the details. If you get a chance to go over and see him and his garden in person, do it, as you are two peas in a pod!

Rubim Ellmelech says:

Epsom salt is also great for bath salt, works wonders for my feet`s

☼ Heirloom reviews ☼ says:

i just started back to eden gardening last year so 2017 should be a prime year! thanks for sharing !! :: ) )

Bob Hamilton says:

anything new

Holland Nettie says:

I have seasonal depression and coming to this sunny happy warm video has helped. I DESPERATELY want to start a REAL garden this year. I am having such a hard time figuring out where to begin. (Gonna start small)
What time of the year do you get outside and start digging? How do you prep your ground? Do you grow starts in your house or purchase plants that are already ready to go in the dirt? Do you just sow seeds straight in the ground? I'm a huge newbie still, yet I've been following you since last June. I wanna learn as much as possible.

Kathy Hirsch says:

beautiful place u have around u I can never get my peppers going  right  too much food or water ?????? well keep trying

iSharePassion.com says:

You are one of my best loved YouTubers and I wish to make a tribute video to your channel. Please let me know if that is ok with you. My YouTube channel has a lot of motivational and inspirational content because my passion is to share the best personal development hacks. I enjoy your content and would like to give it some extra promotion. Hope to hear from you soon!

Peggy Lindenthaler says:

Could you send me some of your dried celery flakes?  My husband would love to receive something like that, and so would I.  I'll repay you the shipping and handling.  Pleeeeeease?

Peggy Lindenthaler says:

Starry, I hate to bug ya, but, is there anyway you could put together a step by step list of how to start a compost pile?  I'm kinda dumb, and I can't always remember what your videos say.  Thanks, and God bless you.  Hope you get well soon.

Carlos Lozano says:

it was my motivation video for today!!!

Ian Evans says:

Nice videos. Been working my way through several of them. I may be wrong, however fresh chicken droppings on top of you mulch is risky. You need to be cautious of rain falling and splashing from the ground up onto the plant. Better to out it down and then apply the mulch on top.

lostandforgotten 0717 says:

Hello Starry!! I found your channel a few nights ago and I have been watching non-stop since. I love your ideas and all the helpful information on canning. I am going to give it a go for the first time this coming year. I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the view from your beautiful garden. So peaceful and so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your information with the rest of us!!!

Dixie Beckert says:

I get it I was jumping up n down when I saw my first green bean I love you starry

Sheywh12 says:

Hey sweetheart how do you get seeds from your garden for the next year?? Do you have a video On seeds?? Also I've never thought of using wood chips in my garden ??..Being in the city I wonder if I could buy the pet bedding made of Aspen shavings??

Florrie Goldman says:

Darling dog!!!

Florrie Goldman says:

Love you……….so exciting!!

Meg Hodges says:

Did our first garden this year and there's no going back! To grow healthy food from seed and watch it grow is amazing. We were really blessed to have such abundance our first time out and with extended drought for much of it. Fall garden in full swing and still harvesting gorgeous tomatoes and peppers even though it's almost halloween! Avg first frost this weekend but it's still in the 80s. May have to come up with even more ideas for peppers and tomatoes 🙂 Thanks for motivating and sharing your experiences!


Thank for the video nice vegetables garden

Connor Jones says:

Hey Starry I like your enthusiasm, you are basically on the right track except on the method of pruning the tomato plants, you should remove the Gormandizers (suckers) not the leaves, your husband is doing it the correct way! no offence meant !, just an observation.
Connor Jones

Peggy Lindenthaler says:

I think you need another kitty.  I really don't see any felines on your homestead.  They could help get rid of those mice in your pantry.

Tony T says:

For a senior lady you are beautiful .ah the gifts of the mighty one

Francine Rollin says:

Hi Starry, thank you for the great video of your garden it is amazing, I will have to find your 2016 video to see the garden you have this year. I hope you are felling better since your accident. Take care and God bless you and your family. Hugs.

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