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Are bamboo toothbrushes eco-friendly?

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Bamboo toothbrushes are marketed as an environmental friendly alternative, but still may end up in landfills in some municipalities.

To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.4847256

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Nath N says:

OMG you opened my eyes again..another case of dumb reporting.

Moon Line says:

Why it's eco, if bristles are made from nylon(plastic) and it is good for your teeth?

Crystal P says:

You can buy bamboo toothbrushes with natural bristles and they come in just a cardboard box. No plastic.

Conhead66 says:

What? Are you seriously thinking it's the best idea to discourage people to try to be more sustainable?
Do your homework cbc before claiming things that are untruth.

1. You interview one person responsible for who knows what town in Canada. Did you do you homework cbc? all towns/cities have different facilities to recycle and compost meaning that while this guy's town is not able to recycle or compost the different part of the bamboo toothbrush other city could. And it would be best to do a side by side comparison bamboo vs. Conventional pladtic toothbrush; even it's the bamboo toothbrush would sadly endup in the landfill it's environmental impact is much much less. It's not good journalists if you take one thing and insolate; the ultimate goal is to reduce environmental impact and I hope you aggree that the bamboo has indeed less impact on our planet than plastic.
2. It's not because a toothbrush didn't pass the what ever certification that it can't brush my teeth. Did you stop for one moment and think that a dentist would not recommend something for 2 reasons: because they are liable so they have to wait for the seal of approval to back it up regardless if it is safe to use (they do have a professional liability) and, well we all know those profession have sponsors like colgate or other brand and they have to give their sponsor's product and tell their customers to use their sponsor's product. Plus the trendy dentist gimmick for the past decay has been electric toothbrush.

Do a side by side comparison and be real. Bamboo toothbrush will always with for being more ecofriendly. I've been using them for many years now and my own dentist doesn't see any difference.

Oh and changing every 3 months that's really a gimmick from the big companies. You never hear them saying you need to clean them from time to time. I clean mine often (just like you would for anything you put in your mouth like a reusable waterbottle) and it last me a full year. And again it could last longer I believe but at least I use them for other purposes before composting.

I find that cbc loose credibility when they don't do their homework and when they seem to be on the big company's side promoting the use of disposable plastic.

577AllWell says:

Good to see that CBC is focusing on the really important issues…like how easy it is to recycle a few tiny plastic fibers and throw away a small wooden stick.

longrider says:

Bamboo toothbrushes are eco friendly if they are made with renewable sustainable bamboo…just like my bamboo skateboard is.

Miss Tootss says:

Use wood brushes compost at home

Miss Tootss says:

I change mine once a year I do just fine

Future Boy says:

Fluoride free toothpaste

Cora Ricarde says:

Is isn’t plastic tooth brush are recyclable.

silver70 says:

Found the Wowe pack of 4 for $11 on Amazon

Nora Koch says:

Also they didn't say that it isn't a plastic rap on the brush isn't plastic. It is made of corn and potato starch and is compostable

Al K says:

This was my idea from five years ago.

Joe Schmoe says:

Faith Goldy for Toronto Mayor!!!

Bingo Hall says:

Reduce Reuse Recycyle… our toothbrushes get reusued for parts or bathroom fixture cleaning.

Del Evans says:

Look Comments open. Lets talk bamboo toothbrushes. Never fkn heard of them. Is this paid commercial. Fk CBC. Sell it or burn it

K Mejia says:

Don't knock the brand cause the city waste is slow and behind we recommend you use bla bla $$$

Cassandra says:

Still much better than the plastic ones.

Donnie McLeod says:

Greener then using plastic toothbrush. We really need to stop using sooooo much plastic.

Canadian kid says:

Why whole steak must be plant based becouse the cow ate grass .!!!!!! LOL

Saleem Bhittani says:

Billions are at stake why would a Dentist and marketing anegcies recommend it…….

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