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April ‘My 5’ | eco-friendly favourites

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April was really busy with Fashion Revolution so this video is a little late. Hope you had a lovely month!

Things mentioned:
Green Product- stainless steel straws (lots of places online sell them)

Slow Fashion Brand – Zero Waste Daniel http://zerowastedaniel.com/

Documentary – Chasing Ice https://chasingice.com/ (available on Netflix)

Learning – “Everything We Knew About Sweatshops Was Wrong” New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/27/opinion/do-sweatshops-lift-workers-out-of-poverty.html

Blog – Moral Fibres http://moralfibres.co.uk/

What was a favourite of yours in April?

Thanks for watching!

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Crystal G says:

Ah, the best gift I received last year was a set of glass straws. I really wanted some as I use a straw everyday for my water and smoothie! It makes me feel so good washing and reusing something most people waste EVERYDAY!

rosesoma says:

Love!! So inspired by you. hopefully I can design something 100% recycled for you someday! 🙂

Erika Summers says:

Love this my 5 series. I recently heard of zero waste Daniel and his philosophy is refreshing

Vanessa Miller says:

Love Zero Waste Daniel! Definitely going to check him out. Thank you!

Schokonelke says:

I got my first menstrual cup, so that's definitely a favorite ?

Bianca says:

I just bought reusable straws last week! They're made from silicone, so they have a more 'normal straw feel'. And are also very handy to take with you.

Ginny Shilliday says:

I have seen antique straws made of glass, too.

piparoxy says:

i use a reusable straw made from bamboo!

Abigail Nottingham says:

I'm going to check out the documentary, thanks so much for the ideas this month 🙂

olioliwoo says:

Those David Bowie sweatshirts from Zero Waste Daniel <3 So cool!

Yara Castanho says:

Hey! I would like to send you a little gift, do you have a PO box?

Kätzchen Schätzchen says:

Just something to add: climate scepticans do believe that the temperatures increases but they don't think that is caused by human's industries

Cruelty-Free Becky says:

That article was so interesting! I can't stand that argument of 'what would they do without sweatshops?' as a justification of fast fashion. 🙁

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