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Amish Sustainable Living and How The Amish Live OFF The Grid Without Electricity

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Amish Sustainable Living and How The Amish Live OFF The Grid Without Electricity and Still Survive, and Will Survive An Economic Crash: http://www.amishsurvivalsecrets.com

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Jeffrey E says:

I soo love the Amish life …been wanting to do it for years……now at
55 I”m taking the plunge, 30acres two dams,and a small humble cabin.Using
solar power to pump the water out of dams for growing vegetables and tank
water that comes off the cabin roof for drinking,wood stove for heating and
cooking …..hunting for rabbits and shooting for larger prey, live your
dream people, its soo liberating to walk your own land and know that you
control your own destiny instead of having your unibilical cord plugged
into the cement jungle.If you want to be truly inspired check out Dick
Pronnecke here on youtube this man is my hero,type his name and allow
yourself to feel the absolute freedom this man had during his blessed life
…..God Bless you all.

sunny mcfall says:

most people do not understand that there are different “types ? ” (for lack
of a better word) of amish people…i fully hardily support the true
stringent lifestyle of the amish…but you sir and the rest of your kind
are just a bunch of tax evading criminals as far as i am concerned…

Wayne Osmand says:

and propane????? off grid??? Sorry! now if it was bio gas, water and wind
power! rest of yr power- then you might be closer to OFF GRID == SORRY!


self-sufficient is in a way selfish as you only ensure that you and your
family are taken care of but leave the burden of running an industry which
needs much more power to others-that is the main concern….preppers and
small-scale self-sufficient individuals forget that to make a land work the
economy must work and for that to work you need huge amounts of energy. I
do appreciate the lifestyle of the Amish and the skills they contribute
what with hard physical labour which is almost unseen nowadays. I also do
agree that individuals should do all they can to “back-up” their energy
resources but once that is in place a concerted effort must be made to
contribute to the big grid that runs the industries….think out of the box

Steve T says:

I have a question. So I want to be Amish and I want to build a cabin on my
property up north of me. How can I do it and qualify to be Amish so I do
not have to hook up to their Electricity and be forced to have running
water? I would love to do this. 

MsPlastina1 says:

Propane x everything is kind of dangerous more than electricity 

jksatte says:

This is his story. You guys must be psychic to know what and who he is
better than he does. Get a grip. He is sharing things about himself.

Michael jones says:

this is not so much amish . 1# Amish as a whole do not live
the modern life ( ie: drive cars, electric, telephones ( cellphones) these
are the things we take for granted and use daily without a second thought..
BUT amish may have a landline phone (if they still exist anymore i mean
seriously landlines are so 80’s sense everyone has cellphones now.) as i
was saying they may have a land line but it can not be in the house. The
phone is usually *90%* of the time located at the end of thier drive
way near the road .they aren’t suposed to be using modern tech ( power
tools) but every amish i’ve seen ( i lived in amish country for 5yrs
and had a amish neighbor during that whole time) has been using
cellphones and power tools. when thier kids reach 18 they are allowed
to explore “life” for upto 1 yr i think out side of the amish culture
/lifestyle… Amish do not smoke (cigerettes , drink booze , party ,
drive cars .. altho they have rebellious children who get drivers
license’s and buy vehicles they park and hide away from thier homes
.Tlc’s amish tv program was filmed in my back yard of lancaster
and the motel they filmed where the 1 amish man was cheating on his wife
with a english woman i worked there . alot of what went on in that tv
show is true the kids do throw “hut” parties and drink, have sex etc
. nothings going to stop the amish kids from learning the “english” life
that we live without second thought..

there are Mennonite which is a sub culture of amish living but they’re
allowed to own and drive vehicles and have indoor plumbing and electric ,

but this guy he doesn’t sound 1 bit amish just cause his last name
is Yoder ( which is a common Amish NAME abroad the us does not mean
this guy is actually amish. anyone can sew or ask a amish seamstress
to make some amish clothes. I really hope he’s not a fake amish if he
sells anything claiming its amish built he’s doing nothing but hurting the
real amish and thier sales of true amish products.

Phill Amick says:
Walt Lars says:

Amish beleaves change from Colony to Colony

For the most part they are not conected to the outside world phone lines
electral grid etc sewer but they will buy power in form of LP gas and

Biblecomparer . says:

SO NOT amish 

Van Drare says:

well….its not wihtout electricity….because he produces electricity by
his solar pannels….

marco22560 says:

Fake. The Amish have absolutely nothing to do with modern amenities. Fake.

SteveVon7 says:

Holy crap that amish guy has more technology than I do! My life is a lie!

jr o says:

Hahaha, Amish my ass. If you were amish just like the stupid amish mafia
show you wouldn’t be on here. Amish don’t believe in modern tech, or use
Lp/propane or generators or solar panels. Where I live, the ones that use
modern tech is the Mennonite’s. But even them are fakes just like this guy
cause they use all modern tools an sell their hand crafted furniture tagged
as amish cause amish are known for still living in the horse an buggy days.
An true amish wont even let a pic be taken let alone posting a youtube
video cause pics, videos, mirrors an so on are considered the sin of vanity
hence the reason they all wear the same king of clothes, bonnets and hats.
You sir are a fake ass

wags2702000 says:

amish don’t live off the grid, they shop at wal-mart. the only off grid
thing they do is not pay taxes. Amish are not supposed to use electricity,
yet they buy solar panels and power tools. Maybe instead of marking our
race we should just write in amish and no longer have to pay taxes yet
maintain the same life style.

shotgun10151 says:

FAIL!!! you are not off the grid. 

Roger Seher says:

the amish uses generators, kind of defeats the purpose of being amish, also
strange the amish use mac laptops with imovie and the canned sounds.

I don’t believe this…

Yaya Sorensen says:

The Amish don’t allow pictures or filming of their faces. Who is this guy

Glen Bradley says:

off grid… you use gas and propane you buy… from the grid! nice try

Justin Wilson says:

I agree, I thought Amish people were against technology beyond a certain
point, e.g Horse and buggy? Maybe I misunderstood the amish people, but the
house seems high tech to me…also why no electric lights, when you have
solar power and battery packs for electricity?

sandytherabbit says:

i think that is a fake beard

Todd Dunn says:

I live with and rent a house from and in a Amish Community, not Every Amish
or Mennonite order is the same they vary as much as any other Church
differs from another, they Usually do not use electricity but it is very
normal for them to have a Gas refrigerator and stove, as with the power
tools are usually air tools and they use a gas air compressor to run them.
Is this efficient? “No”. I talk to them all the time about it, and Usually
electricity isn’t used as it connects them to the world, not that it is
evil in any way. They do not judge you for what you do it is just how they
choose to live. However it is Very unusual to see an Amish person on video
or in pictures. However it has been done, I have video taped them in the
workshop making items for sale to stores, but they do not want to see the
video or want any pictures of themselves, they usually will hide there
faces and the video is shot from angles as to respect that. I love my Amish
neighbors and the relationship I have with their community.

Do I think this is bogus? Not entirely the person in the video could be an
unorthodox Amish. Or he might of left after Rumspringa and decided to live
with the English. But the simple fact is Many Amish will use different
sources of heat/power etc., as long as it isn’t connected to the rest of
the world. “they are not on a Power GRID” they will take delivery of Gas

Gareth Wilson says:

I got nothing from this sorry, only that you use gas alot. This isn’t
sustainable living. Modern looking house tho

Peter Piper says:

Very informative. However, I’d like to know what you would do when the
stuff hits the fan and you can’t get propane and kerosene? I love the solar
idea, but I’m looking for ways to survive without anything that you may
have to purchase when these things are not available to buy. In an
emergency situation (such as martial law) how would people survive without
propane/butane or kerosene? What (besides solar and wood for heating) is
readily available to use?

Stephen Wilson says:

Let’s see, you’re Amish living without electricity using propane generators
and posting a video on YouTube? There’s so much there that doesn’t add up.

Kem Wills says:

Good video & good start on getting off electric companies. But you need to
work on being off the grid. You’re not Self sufficient just because you’re
off electric companies, you’re still dependent on others.
Off the Grid means “Unrecorded, untraceable through normal means.” Not
going to the store and buying things to survive or having a company bring
propane & gas to you. Millions of homes run off of propane & gas and they
are not off the grid.

SCLARK2112 says:

Excellent video and I really appreciate you sharing the information.

Orson Durkin says:

wow Im amish and I never knew it?

S Robin says:

My family has Mennonites, talk about good eating! I just read where the
Amish don’t have the modern disease the rest of the population has

maryann scully says:

must be the best built houses there is ….

Alexandar Calrissian says:

hahaha this is funny….what electrical devices does the Amish use?

S Robin says:

I’m surprised to see an Amish man use the modern internet, I have Amish
down the road that will not have a phone in the house, but, has a phone
down the lane from that house. Makes it very inconvenient for us trying to
contact the family, we have to leave a number and wait for a call back.
Some times the call back never happens. If you are going to use modern
technology, keep others in mind, put the phone in the house! The
Amish horses gets out of the pasture, by my house, gets in the road, and I
have to get in the truck and run down to their place because of the crazy
hook up they got with the phone. Convenient for them, not so convenient for
the rest of us. Either live in the pass or get with the program, for
goodness sakes!

S Robin says:

Where’s your wind turbine

Aubree Dunn says:

this video is not real because i live by amish people and they do not let
anything tht is modern day gadets on there property and they do not use
propane or generators so this video is not real…period.

Manichand Ramrag says:

Amish my ass 

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