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A Tiny Apartment – Toronto future? Green living

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This tiny 330 square foot apartment in Hong Kong, transforms into 24 different rooms!

Are we in Toronto heading this way? The sizes do become smaller with most New Pre-construction condos that are being released.


New Vaughan Condos says:

▶ A Tiny Apartment – #Toronto future? #Green living #Design – @YouTube

writerforlifeify says:

A high tech home can break down, right? Suppose the mechanisms that permit
you to access certain rooms/furniture malfunction? I think I’d eventually
get tired of sliding and pulling my way around my compact home. Suppose I
need access to my bed & kitchen at the same time? The ‘cool’ factor would
soon wear off for me…. 

StarLove00 says:

He must be single more than one person could never live there comfortably.

Kerem Soyyilmaz says:


Andrew Billy says:

That’s fucking cool!

Aren Mori says:


Alex Yakhnin says:
Alexander Kvitnitsky says:

A must watch!

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