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A Complete Growing Guide For Big Healthy Organic Tomatoes

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In the episode we cover how to grow tomatoes organically to get large, healthy, juicy tomatoes every single time. Have a leggy tomato plant? have no fear! healthy plant but no flowers? have no fear! A beginning gardener? Have no fear!
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MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

Another growing guide for you all, If there is any other growing guides,
let me know which ones to do!

cushrinada says:

Is it possible to grow a tomato plant from a glass jar?

Sergio Flores says:

hey bro, is it better to buy tomatoes plants that has already been growing
or its better to grow your own? and if to buy is better how do you know its
organic? and when buying or growing what else you need to buy for the plant
one time to help it grow?


I give my tomatoes WHEY from my greek yogurt making. Mulching with thin
layers of organic grass clippings helps with the splash back from the soil.
Plus, worms love the grass clippings, then POOP and fertilize my tomatoes.
After all this then I PRAY I DON’T GET BLIGHT. :0)


MABY someday i can make the grow boxes love looking at them

OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

Excellent tips for growing tomatoes, Luke! I’m always interested to hear
how other gardeners approach things even when it’s different from my
approach. The important thing is to have healthy productive tomato plants.

Janelle Hoxie says:

Why did you get so many thumbs down? I thought your info was great! 

Work With Nature - Organic Gardening, Beekeeping & Seed Saving says:

Hey mate how is the pumpkin challenge going. Would have loved to taken part
but could not get any seeds. Could you send me some of your pumpkin seeds
if you get any from your giant? I would love to use some for next year, but
Holland’s Giant Pumpkins could not send me any due to customs. Would gladly
send you some tomatoe seeds you might not have.
Cheers David. 

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

Excellent info, Luke! That tomato plant responded to your TLC in record
time! I love leaf compost – esp the way it brings in the worms!

Prepper Potpourri says:

Good info. Thanks!

pickerick1 says:

Very good growing guide Luke. Thank you for sharing!


donHooligan says:

a lot of people’s tomatoes get the blight when it rains. the soil splashes
up on the leaves, and the problems begin. mulching keeps dirt from
splashing up.
i think it takes a long time for eggshells to be ‘edible’ by tomato plants.
love your videos, man! thank you.

Aaron Monroe says:

Nice informative video great tips :)

what says:

Watering seems like a simple topic, but I read an article in Urban farming(
about stressing tomatoes for better taste and nutritional content) that
Commercial growers water their plants once initially by flooding the area,
then once again a month later. How is that even possible when if I water a
plant too late in the day it seems to crack all over the place?

AngelHeart says:

Hi wanted to let you know that my Ox heart tomato’s are doing great & the
leaf miners have just stopped attacking… My plants are 8inchs, healthy &
already starting to get out flowers 😀 . I got a few questions if you dont
mind too. I bought a Tomato Grow Bag & im gonna use a Botanico Tomato Cage.
What i wanted to know please if i have to try & tie the tomato branches
also? I was only gonna tie the stem. Because im worried that the friut
would be so heavy in the future that they can break the branches. I have
read that Indeterminate tomatoes will grow and produce fruit until killed
by frost.
My tomatos are Indeterminate ones(i live were it never snows) will they
still die for me if i keep them in the shed in winter. It shouldnt get
colder then 5C. Or will it keep living & making fruit? Thanks :)

RLSgardener says:

Thanks for sharing the great tips.

What is a good source of organic Potassium?

Steve T-J says:

Thanks for the information Luke. :)

Mohammad Bahawi says:

Another growing guide for you all, If there is any other growing guides,
let me know which ones to do!

nellyandhernerd says:

Thanks for the info! I planted my first square foot garden (following the
book to the T – 1ft spacing, 6in depth) this year and I feel that my
tomatoes are stressed – flowers falling off, blight, low yield, etc. My
experience has me questioning the square foot gardening method in general.

Julia Ramirez says:

What is the fertilizer you mentioned that you give after the. 4th. What
source can we use for tomatoes? I had that exact problem last year. I had
an abundance of a plant but little fruit. I also would like to express my
appreciation! You have been a main inspiration for my garden this year.
Thank you !!

Linda Williams says:

What if they have fruit? I always heard to remove it. Is this best?

Cathy K says:

Another growing guide for you all, If there is any other growing guides,
let me know which ones to do!

sha whit says:

Love your videos. Great time to buy plants from nurseries. Good to know.

what says:

Is your preferred method for altering soil Ph after the crop is in to add
something to the water or to amend the soil around the plant? I’m assisting
in a charity garden and have this situation now with many plants that are
already in.

Can you tell me about your thoughts on caging tomatoes? My experience is
that the standard cages are pretty pointless once the height of width of
the plant exceed the support of the cage, or the fruit becomes so heavy and
it rips the branches right off the plant. I’ve used the Ultimato product
with more success but it still seems an issue.

What do you think of the “Horizontal” planting method in which the same
amount of plant is buried but not 12+ inches straight down rather laying
the plant on it’s side and keeping the entire massive root system 6″ down?
So far so good on my end.

What is the minimum amount of soil for growing tomatoes in a container? I’m
using 8 gallon bags and I’ve had good plants in the past just never get
bumper crops. What kind of mix do you have good results with when using a
container? I transplanted my peppers and tomatoes into your mix, and then
into the bags of nearly all compost. t. I’m wondering if that is going to
be too rich of a nitrogen environment as you stated that may stunt fruit
production. So does the nitrogen in compost get depleated enough from
planting to 4th of July that I can use a normal amount of phosphorus or do
you think I need to add an even higher amount of phosphorus to balanance
the higher nitrogen still in the compost?

Do you do regular periodic preventitive treatments like Neem, Baking soda
or aspirin for tomatoes?

Matthew Farnell says:

How do you fertilize with your blood meal and bone meal? Like, how much,
etc? Thanks!

AngelHeart says:

Hi i have two Ox heart plants which keep getting attacked by leaf miners.i
used a pesticide on them and even moved them to the shed but they are still
being attacked. How can i get rid of them? never had a problem last year
like this 🙁 . What im doing at the moment is scraping the leaves to get to
the worm and kill them.

PinkChucky15 says:

Great info, I’m not growing tomatoes this year but I might do it later on,
maybe next year :-)

Amanda Carrillo says:

I noticed 2 out of my 8 tomatoes plants are looking like the leaves are
curling. What causes that?

Patricia Rankin says:

Great video for first time gardeners. This is our very first garden and we
decided to make the first season a learning one for What grows well in
North Florida and When. Just because the seed instructions say this will
grow does not make it so for your exact area. We have a few things
growing but have used the time to build a few raised beds, having
Mushroom/Soil compost Blend delivered (Here in Florida we have SAND)
installing our greenhouse, installing water out to the garden etc. 

Danny Elzinga says:

Please update on aquaponic

Hamb Garden says:

Hey man… I planted my tomatoes almost a month ago in a container, but
they started to flower already and they are not more than 50 cm tall!
Should i take the flowers out? They are very green and healthy, but as they
are indeterminate tomatoes, i think they started to flower really early! If
you can help me i would appreciate it! Cheers from brazil here! Thanks!

Rick's backyard garden says:

Thanks for the tips on growing tomatoes. I live in Indiana which is one of
the top states for producing tomatoes for processing but I can never seem
to have much success. I’ll try your ideas this year…thanks !

Annie Kell says:

How often do you fertilize during the growing season?
Also a quick onion question. Mine keep wanting to flower…does this mean
its time to harvest them? Thanks!!

Ajay M says:

just joined, from London! Great stuff guys! Im subscribed.

SuzannaGreenthumb says:

Beautiful episode!

t0m000000 says:

i always get blossom end rot, even though i water them well enough, but i
have only ever grown heirlooms. this year im growing banana leggs and a
purple variety which i think is actually a gmo lol! im also going to try
applying dolomite lime like that guy from allotmentdiary suggested.

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