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8 Tips For Growing FRUIT TREES! Organic Gardening

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These 8 Tips For Growing Fruit Trees can help take your gardening harvests to the next level. If you want to get consistent Harvests with little work, and have a Perennial foundation of food security then Fruit Trees are for you! Are you willing to spend $2 on a soda that will do little to no good for you, but not $25 on a Fruit Tree that can feed you for most of your life? The investments we put in now is what will make us or break us in the future. Five Years go by quick, and you can’t eat from a Tree you don’t plant!

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Northern Thai Garden Guy says:

James I have seen you make reference to Masanobu Fukuoka in past videos, and I am curious to know if you know about Korean Natural Farming, and the inputs that are created in that system? It's not only organic – it's amazing! Master Cho of Korea is the creator (really great man). Some of his most staunch followers are guys out here (Chris Trump and a guy that calls himself 'Blake'). Check their stuff out!

Grow Schooling says:

A+ for being informative but not boring!

Rachel at Home says:

I'm just starting my food forest. I'm so excited to grow my own fruit trees!

Will Scrudato says:

Two idiots dislike this.

Great set up, bro, I am inspired, and have just a little more land to play with, plus a couple goats and a bunny.

John Childs says:

James as I watch I noticed the great camera work someone is doing. Just curious who is doing the videography ? Well done

Tara Miller says:

Hi James, I just found your channel and subscribed. We just bought a home in the suburbs. The backyard is small but I want to build a permaculture on it. The ground is hard and rocky. There is however, a huge old apple tree. This year it bore fruit, hundreds of apples, I have never seen an apple tree this large. All of the apples had black holes all over them and were rotted on the tree. I guess my question if you have the time to answer is, how do you know if you should cut a tree down? Or could it be saved? I would rather save it. I don't know what variety it is. The neighbors say it has been here for a long time.

suffolkshepherd says:

I hope Santa brings you a Drone for Christmas for we can see air footage of your food forest. A birds eye view.

Aj Berning says:

When would you say is the best time to order bare root trees online?

Jennifer Prescott says:

Your peaches made my mouth water..you can google trees for your zone..I'm going with bare root this winter, it seems to have a better start..thank you James, your amazing

Herliyana Indah says:

Thank you for sharing, I wonder I can plant cherry, apple, plum, n peach trees here but I live in somewhere near equator's line 😂😂 (apple only can be planted on the highland)
Greetings from Indonesia 🇮🇩

Dennis Stinson says:

Good advice James,it obviously works judging by the success of the trees in your food forest. You know the old saying , the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, the next best time is now,today! Good job.

OneVision23 says:

Just found your channel the other day. I greatly appreciate your videos, as I live in western pa so it is nice to see similar zone.

Robert Rembert says:

Great video James! Good steady energy to keep the momentum! If you have a cedar apple rust problem – then check out Jujubees! Very hardy, disease resist, beautiful, and super sweet and nutritious fruits! Taste like the crispest apple, and preserve as easy as a bowl of fruits in a kitchen, they dehydrate on their own! Do you have any? Diversity…
The tips were really well put! If there is one job that i really really, really love – is planting fruit trees! A whole forest full of diversity trees!!! Food forest revolution!! Thanks for the good work!

hxcdanny3x says:

greetings from manasquan! how do you keep the squirrels under control?

Moizez Reis says:

Hello, your channel is wonderful, everything is fine, congratulations for your work.

Zuzana Roubal says:

Hi. I want to change grass into the mulch under my fruit trees but I am not sure how to colect leaves in autum. My trees are pretty big. What do you do with leaves?

dionswann says:

Cultivars and variety are different, for example Malus domestica ‘Granny Smith’ is a cultivar, whereas Betula utilis var. jacquemontii is a variety.

zully lozano says:

I’m a new subscriber, brand new gardener and home owner. I’m working towards creating my food forest and find your videos truly inspirational. I was wondering what variety of peaches you are growing? I’m trying to figure out what to plant next spring. I live in northern VA.

BobMels Gardens says:

Very valuable information. I wish I had heard this 20 years ago. I learnt the hard way. Best wishes Bob.

Marsha Balderrama says:

Hi James, we get lots of wend in the spring time. And this year I got no cherries because we hot a late frost in the spring when the blossoms we're set. Can you show us you watering system you have for your trees?

Keith Howell says:

…there's something for your mind right there…🤔🤔🤔

Jean-Daniel Joubert says:

This is COOL!

Plant-Based Experiment says:

Why do you talk with commas. Please talk normal. I like the content though

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