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60 Days Later Potatoes- Back to Eden Organic Gardening Method 101 in Wood Chips VS Composting Leaves

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FAIL 60 days later ON THE BACK TO EDEN METHOD and we will see how things look on Planting potatoes in Back to Eden Method with wood chips VS Fall Leaves


C Adamczak says:

I got a few guinea fowl for tick and insect control in my yard/garden. Perhaps they may have enjoyed munching the potato bugs.

squirefergus says:

Beautiful red potatoes! A small flock of ducks will take care of those beetles in no time and turn them into eggs, fertilizer, meat and more ducks.

Rashmi Kini says:

Hi. I am from India and here organic farmers mix neem cakes(leftover after extracting oil) and mustard cakes with the soil b4 planting. These cakes can also be dissolved in water and sprayed on leaves or watered into soil. It helps to great extent.

paul davies says:

you need 90 days really for potatoes ,, and wood chip and potatoes really do not mix well ,

Neil Small says:

can potatoes grow anywhere in the world. I have tried a couple times. Unfortunately due to the fact I had no Idea what I was doing they didn't have much on them. Also I live in Barbados zone twelve or thirteen.

Alexander Smith says:

What about cayenne pepper spray for the bugs? Would you spray that?

zarah doan says:

what about row covers?

Otherwise Healthy says:

My daughter has allergies and all her food comes from farmers like you, who don’t spray anything! I appreciate your resolve so, so much. I’m learning to grow a lot of our own food and am learning from your channel.

Bill Astell says:

One thing you should do to improve your crop and save money up front is cut the seed potato before planting.  The piece you plant should have no more than 2 eyes on each piece.  Then these pieces are planted 10-12 inches apart.  Because you planted a whole potato there were way too many eyes on each potato each competing for space and food therefor none would develop to the genetic potential.  Once you've had an outbreak of potato bugs you will need stop growing spuds in that area or near by.  The bugs winter in the soil and come back with a vengeance the next year.  If they don't find potatoes they can live on other plants including tomatoes.  Although they cause little damage on these other plants they are able to maintain the colony and come back a year later if you plant spuds there again.  My solution was to seed the area in fall wheat are a cover crop.  That seemed to work.

marianne jones says:

What month do you plant potatoes in. I’m a newbie at this. 😕

sv en says:

Thanks a lot Mark! This video is again very informative for me!

The observation regarding the potato beetles and the useful insects attracted by the bean plants is very clever.
How about adding more plants that attract useful insects such as buckwheat or Phacelia?
The seed costs for Phacelia are about 3-4 times as high as for buckwheat. On the other hand, Phacelia has very fine roots in the soil.

Cathy Baby says:

Just spray w de

Donnie Carter says:

My mother planted marigolds throughout her garden to control pest when I was a child and I'm going to try that this year in mine

Matthew Niedbala says:

What about like ducks or chickens? Would they eat those beetles? I know they wouldn’t eat the foliage of the potato because it’s toxic and tastes bad.

Catherine Fredericks says:

Unfortunately you are not in the original garden of eden. It was perfect our current world is not. Bugs need to be dealt with or you could lose it all. Not harsh chemicals. But things like neem are just from a tree and all natural. Good luck.

Troy Cole says:

Hi, was wondering if you could help. I recently covered a grass area with about 25 – 30cm of freshly cut wood chips (from a local tree arborist). I let it sit for about one month, then dug down to the grass level and planted potatoes. After about 30 days I checked on my potatoes, only to find them all completely rotted and turned to moosh. I planted organic, new season, fresh, agria potatoes, some even had sprouted small shoots before I planted them. What do you think went wrong? Many thanks! 🙂

Enrique Boix Arnandis says:

Hi! Woodchips and fall leaves are decomposed by the action of fungi. That soil is very rich in fungi and that is very good for trees but not so much for vegetables that require more proportion of bacteria. I recommend you read Elaine Ingham. She talks about the plant succession and the succession of soil microbiology linked to it.

Judy E says:

I'd like to see someone maybe layer wood chips with leaves or cover wood chips with leaves to see if this method would have a different outcome.

Rhonna Marsden says:

are potatoes a good volunteer plant? i would love to see an entire volunteer garden.

KristenGibson_CanadianGirl says:

New subscriber here! I commend you for not spraying anything, even though you are allowed to spray things and still be considered organic. You respect, and value your customers. Great video!

Loan Audits CAL LMH says:

Do you just put compost over the leaves for the following year? Or do you just do it once or every couple of years?

Noah Beach says:

I would advise people to watch the Back To Eden film and videos for clarification on this method.

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