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6 HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS » vegan, eco-friendly, + practical 🎁

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~ Alyse


Lionqt7 says:

I am worthy of living in abundance. Just ordered the mantra band for my sis, thanks!

fanniiiie9 says:

Really love those ideas ! πŸ™‚

hess says:

alguem de sao paulo capital vai comprar o livro de colorir e quer dividir o frete???? help a sister out aqui amigos

Pineapple Princess says:

This is a genius video! Thank you for sharing!!

nicole boudreaux says:

plus metal utensils take out the negative ions in food!!!!! #bamboo4lyfe

Sophia Tauber says:

love the video! where is your necklace from? πŸ™‚

Cecilia Pezqueda says:

Alyse thank you so much for providing me with advice on a healthy lifestyle and essential items!!! You are the reason I am turning my unhealthy lifestyle Around !!! I liked this video and now subscribed !!!!! Don't forget the notifications!!

Danielle Campbell says:

Darn it, I already bought the gifts for this year…I'll have to circle back to this for 2018/birthday gifts

chickenxoxoful says:

lol that moment when all these gifts are things she gets paid to sponserβœŒοΈπŸ‘

Nani J says:

I'm new to her channel and I'm not trying to be offensive and I'm not trying to ask a dumb question but I really can't figure out how old she is because sometimes she looks like she's 12 and other videos she looks like she's 23 can someone please answer ?

Meriah M says:

Ok I literally just have to say that I adore you. I have been watching you since the video where you took your dreads out. You are so amazing in every way. You radiate positive energy through my screen and you are just absolutely gorgeous in every way. You are so smart and you are just such an inspiration. You have shown that no matter what you can always turn your life around. You are just so adorable and I just am so glad I found your channel just please stay amazing ❀️

Adventure clips Cc says:

I have 4 hydroflask and I want more , there so cute and good material.

Kim Cote says:

Love all the bamboo stuff..

Sarah Schermer says:

aw I love the gift ideas! πŸ™‚

Jemma Noke says:

I have no one In my life that would appreciate gifts like this so I'm just going to buy them for myself

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