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Here are 6 easy everyday ways to help save the planet and be environmentally friendly!
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Earth hour is such a great movement towards tackling climate change and raising the awareness needed. Please take part and make a #PromiseForThePlanet

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Olivia Hegarty says:

Really good video💓 I'm just wondering are you a vegan? I always thought you were but was a bit confused when you used Fresh as they test on animals (to my knowledge)

Dat Hamilton Life Tho says:

Global Warming is a huge issue around the planet. It is causing the ocean levels to rise and many animals to be endangered around the world.

christianpraisedance says:

My process has been slow but I found slower form habits. Where I was then (2 years ago) to now I'm grateful for all I've learned and will continue to learn and for where i am from where i started. This is where I've gotten in two years to skim the surface:
I have gotten rid of things I no longer need (constant process) and make my own face and body and cleaning products from ingredients in the food section or is more cost effective and works better. I re-use jars after meals or used product is gone, use household towel, hand towels and use clothing till I no longer wear it, like it or pass on when I've gotten something else, hang dry clothes and make due w what I already own before running to get some thing else (which would have to be very specific). Use old clothes for sewing projects to bring back to use in a different way.
I also try not to be so attached to my phone when out to interact with other people, I like the tip about shutting down electronics for a certain time.
I am always working to do better and not fall back into old habits and making small changes and building on what already has worked for me and hope others can know it is possible if you want to try.

PurplePeopleEater100 says:

We can also buy minimal products – including makeup, shampoo, clothing and food products with disposable packaging. Or, support ethical brands which have less packaging/biodegradable packaging and which don't have chemicals that harm the environment (like shampoos and facial cleansers which we wash down the drain). Also, we should use less perfume sprays which often have formaldehyde in them. Roll on natural oils are often better!

We should also try and avoid buying excessive clothing (particularly made of nylon and plastic materials) and throwing it away. Instead, wear it as much as possible and give it to a second hand shop if it's still in decent condition. Great tips, thanks! 🙂 🙂

Gabrielle Spirk says:

Absolutely love this video Niomi Smart! Wish you would make more like this, as it is such an important, ongoing issue. These are such great tips, that don't take a lot of effort, but make people think twice about their daily habits (me including). I'm originally from the United States, but have been living in the United Kingdom for a year and 4 months now. One of the first things I noticed about your markets is that many of your products are locally grown, which helps support the local farmers, and the quality of produce/meats are of a much higher standard. I also love the idea that everyone brings their own reusable bags, as the stores charge for them (the States should implement this). I've been watching your videos with regularity for the last year or so, and love your energy and overall concepts (especially in health products and vegan cooking)! Thank you for your videos, I know they must take a lot of time and effort, but there are so many people that love them XX

Anna Sophia says:

I never considered that cotton pads are not reusable, so I will definitely change and start using a cloth! Thank you for the great video 🙂

Charis Saunders says:

Loved this!! Really trying to make changes recently and never even thought of when I’m removing my makeup! Thank you!

Filippa Petridi says:

This video is treasure!

Millen Wolde-Selassie says:

I had no idea cotton pads are non-recyclable! Thanks, Niomi!

coolyule says:

I know this kind of defeats the purpose of your channel, because you're beauty and fashion orientated.. But, trying to lower your cosmetic consumption is a big thing too! I mean the 6 tips you gave are a great start. To be honest I think I've been doing most of them all my life, thanks to my dad who has always been eco friendly. But all the chemicals you put on your face with makeup, creams, cleansers and all that stuff is not only bad for the environment, but also for you! Just think about all the bottles and pots of creams and shampoos and even mascaras – that's a massive amount of plastic! I know this is a hard one. I've been slowly easing off makeup and using natural oils for my skin and the difference is major! My skin and hair have never been better! Anyway, I love your engagement for our planet, I think if everybody makes these little changes in their lives, we're already heading in the right direction! xx

bryonymg says:

oooh using cloths to take off make up is a really good idea! I’m going to try it, I’ve always thought about all the cotton pads I throw away 🙁

Maia Barone says:

This is such a great issue to address. I'm so inspired by this video to see that people are actually caring about what's happening to our planet instead of turning a blind eye to it. I don't think any YouTubers ever mention such issues but they are super important. So amazing Niomi❤. Much love😊

Camilla Andersen says:

Really great tips. And such a fun way to do the video.

Life of Priya says:

Your the only YouTuber I watch, love u niomi

Lisanne de Groot says:

I really love this video and I think it is very important so, I hope you are going to make more to inspire more people!
What I do during the day is using my bike instead of the car. I like the bike more than walking because it is faster.

Katie MacMillan says:

Using reusable coffee cups! So many of us grab a daily coffee when we’re out and about, but don’t think about how much this equates to! Every year 100 billion coffee cups are sent to landfill as they are not recyclable or biodegradable – in the UK, and less than 1% of all cups per year are biodegradable.
There’s a brand of reusable cups, Ecoffee cups ( https://ecoffeecup.eco ) which are made of bamboo, the most sustainable crop,
and are therefore completely biodegradable! It does come with a silicone sleeve and lid, but that’s widely recyclable.
They’re really great to use and it’s a brilliant idea, so thought I would share and hopefully influence at least one person 😊

Jade Kelly says:

Loved this so much 🙂

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