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6 EASY Ways To Be Eco-Friendly in College!

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Staying eco-friendly is easier than you think, even when you’re in college! Check out these 6 easy ways to be nice to the planet this semester. Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/d1lC3

Do you already use any of these eco-friendly tips? What are some you would add? Let us know in the comments!

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Cesar Marin says:

THERE ARE WIRELESS REMOTE WALL PLUGS! They are awesome. Each one goes in
the plug that your appliance is plugged into and switches on and off to the
corresponding button on the remote. Simple and easy way to switch your tv
and other stuff. you get a 5 pack for $29 on Amazon.

Brian Udairam says:

About the bottles I get my 5 cent exchange if I have enough it will be

Syed Salman Ahmed says:


Marshall Heim says:

Another tip: I use a lot of energy from my guitar amp being on a lot, but I
make up for it by turning off all the lights in my house and using only
natural light and actually letting my eyes adjust to the dark. You wouldn’t
believe how much energy is wasted in light, my friend works at Seattle city
light and it’s crazy how much energy they use during the brightest part of
the day.

Kevin Gilsenan says:
TYT University says:
Theo M. says:

Miki gets cuter every time I see her

MrLolmaster101 says:

what do you benefit from being eco friendly especially when yuo are as poor
as a college kid

ishowyouapple says:


Ellie Aloe says:

I have a reusable coffie mug and I’m 12 and don’t even drink coffe

RedStefan says:

Now in stores there are eco friendly bags that can decay in 5 years.

Alex Martinez says:

Omg miki your beautiful!

Mark Miller says:

If you have to buy bottled water because you’re too good for regular water
then buy it in big bulk water containers it’s cheaper and has a lower
plastic to water ratio.

MillBaher says:

I think you mean “finite”, not finest resources….

daddyleon says:

I use cotton bags… well… one or two. Why would you need more? You only
have two hands, you can’t really carry more bags. And you don’t have to buy
those plastic bags that rip anyway – you can’t reuse it.

jcapers93 says:

How are cars being ruined? Cars are being forced to lean toward turbo
charged smaller engines instead of naturally aspirated bigger engines.
Regulations are killing car exhausts notes. Noise restrictions are
seriously the worst. Regulations are forcing companies to meet an average
fuel efficiency, which is adding more watered down cars to the market. I
want to live in a world where awesome cars scream down winding roads,
leaving nothing but carbon based emissions behind. Screw the environment.

rqbillybob1 says:

My dad tells my family that if 2 people need to pee , they can each have
their own time to pee in that toilet, but they can flush it after the
second person is done, so we can save one flush of water. It’s weird, but
smart. x)

Erik Bateson says:

Miki = The best cohost. Ever.

McGturtle3 says:

But bottled water tastes betterrrr 🙁

MillBaher says:

How is it ruined? Just because you don’t like the sound of diesels or
silent electric engines? Superior technology has it’s own benefit, knowing
that what you have does it’s job better then everything before. Like now.
We are typing to each other using computers connected to the internet
instead of carrier pigeons or shitty old home-phones. If I had my way, we’d
be riding around in Thorium powered hovercrafts : D

Pound_Cake1 says:

oh I’m saying she so cute I cant watch anymore. I hate when you see a cute
girl on youtube but you can’t actually talk to them. So I got to leave
before I fall for some internet chick.

MrApplewine says:

Pff, left wing religions.

HPislegend248 says:

Why don’t I just remove the charger piece from my actual phone? I don’t
need to actually take it out of the wall, do I?

Tony Trigoso says:

Hey, I use those bags to pick up dog poo.

Pound_Cake1 says:


BushidoBrownSama says:

Why are fish and or crustaceans less deserving of your respect than birds?

Rueben newly says:

Masry me lol

NeATaNDtURdy says:

hey miki you so fine

932genocide says:

Miki <3

Daniil Pintjuk says:

air drying? u filthy casuals i dont even wash my here

TwoScoopsXD says:


kazooga1234 says:

i just dont like to use it in the comment section i will use it in a PM and
the 500 character limit doesnt help

AcidAlexx says:

You’re telling me to read ”a” study?………Ok and the Chinese study in
regards to what?

ADeerinheadlights says:

Miki is pretty sexy

InTheCircle says:

It’s that chick again.

Alisha Marie says:

In regards to the person who feels sea food is okay toe at. I’m not going
to argue your morals, but the consumption of marine life is so detrimental
to our ecosystem. There is so much wrong with consuming marine life. And if
you don’t believe me for the environment, think of the mammals that fall
victim to the fishing process.

Deleuzeshammerflow says:

#7: destroy capitalism and the profit drive; the drive to commodify the
world we need.

lassederboss says:

from the european perspective this is all very dumb!!

Ser Raejk says:

plastic bags are banned statewide in hawaii o-o

kazooga1234 says:

plastic destroys sperm and is the reason why girls are getting their
periods sooner and it causes other health problems target hates gays and
that is why i hate that store i wasnt sure what you were referring to so i
thought i would explain both

eugelu11 says:

To get people to reuse plastic bags they should charge them like 25, 50
cents per bag, like they do here in Buenos Aires (altough preferably not
enforced by law like here)

Bushy Bush says:

Fuck the environment! MWAHAHA!

Twostones00 says:

I recommend I keep Miki warm.

BerZoDsan says:

wut?? O_o

Snutih says:

John’s T-shirt collection is astounding!

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