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5 Star Green: An Eco Friendly Hotel in Manhattan

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Want to globetrot without the guilt of an oversized carbon footprint? Well relax and trot away, because many hotels have started making it easy to stay green while you’re out on the road for business or pleasure. Manhattan’s 70 Park Avenue boutique hotel is one place that believes hospitality is more than pillow mints and room service. As part of the Kimpton Hotel Group’s EarthCare program they make an extra effort to keep wasteful practices to a minimum by using eco cleaning products, recycled papers, ‘low flow’ water savers, donation programs, and an eco concierge who provides green information and services. Not to mention they’ll set you up with a zero emission, man-powered pedicab so you can move around the city in style. Being green was never so luxurious.


TheSunmanho says:

@incog16 a what?

mastior says:

There was a murder in your hotel, Detectives indicated after forensic’s of
the bed spread they found 250 different SEMEN TYPES on the bed spread. They
NEVER wash the comforters.

ddiblasi says:

A great eco beginning in the hotel industry. Next: Bamboo bedding & towels,

TheSunmanho says:

Why do all US-American women look like ugly elephants?

Islamedia Channel says:


pigger11 says:

cheers for helping me out with my homerwork! 🙂

gunscam says:

The Kimpton Hotels gun scam……

markjv says:

could do more, hows about a shampoo dispenser, & I agree w ddiblasi bamboo,
its more obsorbant and super soft, makes cotton feel like sandpaper. etc
etc more to be done there. luv the pettycab, we see too many lazy assed ppl
takin a cab to a 2 min walk? why?

jamieblond1 says:

“The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase.” — Yogi

treehuggintravel says:

I’ve done a bunch of traveling in Costa Rica.. doing the same thing as you
guys. Great to see a city hotel is heading in a more eco-friendly
direction. I responded with a video response.

forest503 says:

Great video, we wanted to welcome you to our new “All Eco Friendly
Cleaning/Health and Beauty product store in Tigard. “Cleaning Green” on
Main street. Tigard Eco District J.

Ray El says:

cheers for helping me write my 2000 word essay 😀

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