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5 Easy Ways To Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle ♻

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5 Easy Ways To Live Eco-friendly and not feel guilty. This is the big dilemma! But not all is lost! In honor of Earth Day, I teamed up w/ House of Marley http://bit.ly/homheadphones to share some of my earth, eco-friendly tips so we can all have a part in saving our planet! There are a ton more tips so please share yours in the comments below.

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Stephanie Legarda says:

Love your style, you're so great in front of the camera too! Will definitely check out more from your channel. Thanks for the tips and spreading the eco friendly lifestyle!


"Trash Is For Tossers" and "Zero Waste Home" both have great information on how to reduce your waste
Using a stainless steel straw or glass straw will help reduce many straws :)

Linda Fritz says:

Great video! Here's my tip: After I found out that most reusable bags fall apart when washed and will end up in a landfill since virtually no recycling centers will take them, I use reusable collapsible CRESBI crates for groceries. At big grocery stores where checkers have hand scanners I put my products' barcodes up in the crates as I shop and the checker can scan it all right in the crates. We also use them for props and snacks on shoots and for getting produce from the garden.

lee Molloy says:

i have started buying all of my clothes second hand on postmark! except pants and underwear haha

Forever Hienn says:

you seem to be down to earth type of person. I really like your video, this is actually my first time watching it ?.

Briana Valencia says:

Amazon has a growing number of eco friendly products like reusable dryer wool balls, bamboo toothbrushes, compost/garbage biodegradable bags ect.

Dyson Dyson says:

she is so pretty ❤❤

Break + Remake says:

Thank you so much! This is a great jumping off point for people who are overwhelmed with the idea of being more green. Yay!

fmet79 says:

what about tampons and pads, they waste money and hurt the environment.

Mirjana Drinic says:

Or you could go vegan or at least vegetarian, and that would help the planet and the environment much more than not using plastic etc

Dayy536 says:

Great video girl!

AshleyAntonia says:

Thanks for this great video. Very helpful.

Manuel Mendoza says:

Rex TV W brought me here

Heather Goldman says:

I have been composting food my whole life?

maam3konadu says:

Does anyone know what type of bike that is?

cretnotonic says:

OMG, I thought my mom and my family were the only ones who washed ziplock bags. Glad you're the same! SO SMART!!!!

Madahontas says:

You are so awesome, new subscriber! Love your channel and work

Celimene says:

Happy to see that you included the eating in this video. People don't realize how much food can contribute to pollution, suffering and many bad things, in many ways. Being vegan is definitely a big plus for the planet! Thank you.

Danica Younghusband says:

Another way to be sustainable and eco friendly is using eco friendly paints that are VOC free and organic fabrics. I understand Mr Kate (LOVE HER) just redecorated your home, but for future DIYs or anything, using these would be good as it helps reduce harmful toxins being realised in to your home environment or anyone else's. A lot of stuff we use (including in my home) release toxins that aren't natural or meant for us, and people can get sick from them and not know why they are ill. Also any furniture that comes from a company that is sustainably sourced, your armchairs that are from a charity shop, getting things second hand or Upcycling them using Eco friendly products is a great way. And I see you have plants, which is great as it improves indoor air quality 😀 Sorry! I've just studied sustainability in interior design so I get a bit excited and just verb vom everywhere. Great video! Love your channel!

vse Chicago says:

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Courtney Dolloway says:

My family and I recycle bottles as well! I do my best to shower with lukewarm water for 10 minutes. It's tough to do so but I try lol

Timi Komonibo says:

Love this! I use reusable ziplock bags that I got from Target. I have a couple that close with a zipper and one that closes with velcro. It's a life…and Earthsaver!

YB reformed says:

I, too can crawl into the deep dark hole of documentaries and will try to convince everyone around me to change lol what gets me is the related section. Since you watched this, watch 99 more of this lol it's awful

Andriea Denise says:

I don't eat meat every day either. I haven't for a few years now.

Danyely Quezada says:

omg totally random! but I was just rewatching supernatural and I saw you in season 3 episode 14!!!

Brittany Holloman says:

You genuinely inspire me because I see how far you have come! Great video! HUGS!!!!

Amara Jackson says:

I know losing prince was especially hard on you since you had the privilege of working with him on a personal level. I would love to hear you open up about it…..when you are ready. Also would love to hear your opinion on Beyonce's new album…..again, when you are ready.

Joy Ferrell says:

I use decompose plastic bags!!!

Petra says:

Loved this thank you!!

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