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5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Gadgets You Should Know About!!

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Some amazing ‘green’ gadgets from recycled material or gadgets that makes the world greener!! As always thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. Leave a like and share this video with your friends & family!

1) Plastic Bottle Cutter – https://goo.gl/yrXS5m
2) Refold – https://goo.gl/fnOqil
3) Delight Bulb Planter – https://goo.gl/Fl8BLk
4) Kinkajou – https://goo.gl/1LDXEI
5) WineHive – https://goo.gl/1gFvCm

Which one do you like the most, please comment down below!

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njoy1876 says:

Plastic bottle cutter appears to be a worthwhile device to turn waste plastic into a useful material with all sorts of possibilities in locations where the economics of recycling are hampered by cost of transport of collected bottles to the plant that turns them into raw material for industrial production. For Caribbean islands whose inhabitants and visitors drink copious amounts of soda and bottled water the plastic plant is often going to be overseas. A simple device that quickly produces raw material for craft in the immediate locality of people who lack capital but have time, skill and ingenuity has great merit.

Refold might have some use in emergency and disaster situations but as an everyday tool or lifestyle statement? Straight in to the skip/dumpster for recycling and rethinking ! Delight bulb planter is an idea that has come decades too late: Eco-unfriendly incandescent bulbs are rapidly becoming uneconomical and obsolete. Kinkajou has a functional beauty to it but is hardly likely to end up as a conversation piece after the owner's home has reached saturation of cut bottles on display. Similar problems of saturation would apply in a craft market situation unlike the plastic bottle cutter's versatile output. Wine Hive is a clever design which beautifully fulfills its function but is no more eco-friendly than thousands of other extruded aluminium products,

Jordan Musleh says:


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