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Check out a collection of ideas that will help you to reduce the amount of waste and reuse things in very surprising ways. You will find a lot of ideas on how to turn food scraps into something cool. Moreover, we share a lot of ideas how to replace plastic bags, sanitary pads, cleaning supplies with eco-friendly substitutions. The first lifehack is awesome. You can dye your t-shirt using pomegranate skins. Follow this easy tutorial: boil pomegranate skins and place a t-shirt inside. It’s a perfect way to naturally dye your clothes. Turn almost empty Nutella jar into a candle. Do not clean a jar, simply place paraffin or old candles inside and melt. Don’t forget about a wick, use a stick to attach the wick. Let cool and enjoy your scented chocolate candle. Have you ever tried to regrow vegetable scraps by yourself? Place them in water and wait. You can create a whole garden at home! I adore pistachios as they are one of the best snacks. If you have a lot of pistachio shells instead of throwing them away, you can create cool crafts from them. Sounds crazy? Watch our tutorial on how to make beautiful flowers out of pistachio shells. It will be a beautiful décor item for your home. You can easily make homemade jam from orange peels. Fill a pot with water and add the peels and sugar. Boil and stir. Pour into jars and let cool. Enjoy! Place rose petals in jar and cove with cosmetic oil. Boil for several minutes. Let cool. Natural moisturizing hand cream is ready.


00:09 Natural fabric dye
00:46 Homemade orange jam
01:09 Nutella candle
03:25 Eco-friendly ideas
03:59 Eco-friendly replacement for sanitary pads

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Bindu Doddapaneni says:

I want that background song…😍

Emmah Cherotich says:

I like the music so much where can I get it

ශනූ පතිරණ says:

Plz what is the song name??

Wiji Santoso says:

wow asyaallah

Tanishka Chauhan says:

But awesome hacks

Tanishka Chauhan says:

2:33 you are wasting water


Name of the background music plzz???

Silvani Damanik says:

judul lagunya apaan?

Sadie Vanpatten says:

Sugar makes hair fall out!!!!!! DONT DO IT

Naif Faiz says:

وش اسم الاغنيه

GokuAUTTP2019TheVideoMaker2006 says:

00:09, what song or music iz it?

Droolpuppy says:

That song is a proper earworm 🙂 Been finding myself singing "jumping off Kilimanjarooo" all day today…

Nessan Macajelos says:

Whats the title of the song?

Abiha zeh says:

Plz tell me song name


My God the music is so annoying🙄🙄🙄

Shadowmoon says:

Aren’t the hairsprays that damage the ozone banned in most countries though? Including the United States? We don’t use those types of hairsprays anymore.

Saira Haroon says:

Ofa 60 million subscribers love you ♥️💜💙💓💕❤️🌹💖💜💞

Mohansurapu Mohan says:

Waste song😠

Millie Brownlee says:

Who else came to the comment section to see who else complained ??

Just me …. okay

momoibnida says:

"tubes of toothpaste are difficult to recycle"

use toothpaste on every hack video.

momoibnida says:

Are your hacks like "use Paraffin to remove makeup!" eco-friendly? Most of your hacks are not eco friendly. Paraffin is not good, not only for you but most of all for the environment and the animals.

Les Délires d'Alicia says:

Trop cool 👌

Pandzia Art says:

Please help do you now name of song that play on all video because I can't find it
Thanks 😍

A Fan Of Alan Walker says:

4:15 Ewwwwww….yuckkkk
Recycle pad….

Srikanth BV says:

Water kadme use madi

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