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3 Organic Gardening Tips (Some Of Them You Haven’t Heard Before)

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Here are the 3 steps I give in this video about organic gardening/vegetable gardening:

1. Increase the organic matter content of your soil with quality organic compost, mulch and cover crops. Organic matter does so many important things for soil and plant health.

2. Improve the fertility balance of your soil with appropriate mineral organic fertilizers like lime and rock phosphate. But you need to use the right ones – people often use dolomite lime or sources of potassium that can cause major problems, even though they’re organic.

3. This is very interesting. This is where organic gardening is heading. You want to increase the diversity of beneficial organisms in your organic garden with, again, compost, and microbial inoculants such as compost tea and effective microorganisms.

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Jill Madigan says:

Darn, your website is offline at the moment. No instant gratification right now, but I subscribed and will return. Thanks for sharing important information!

Richard Carmichael says:

Slow down there Phil, there is no rush. Your content is good, your expertise is obvious, your purpose is noble and nobody will run away if you take an extra 30 seconds to let this be more intimate and conversational in tone and less hurry up and download my ebook… Your most recent quickie series on Facebook are really good examples of how you can be at your best and deliver really useful information in an intimate and authentic way while still being short and sweet.

KDS Darden says:

Gardening newbie here.  I've been browsing your website and downloaded your free version of your book.  The ideas that your sharing really resonate with me, because our bodies are the same way!  It makes so much sense.  When we take antibiotics it kills the good and bad bacteria and disturbs the balance in the gut.  So it makes so much sense that it would be the same way in the soil.  I've also heard about disease being attracted to inflammation in the body which also mirrors what you are saying about plants.  So cool!  Anyway, wish I could afford your class, but in the meantime I'm watching your videos and plan on buying your book.  Keep up the good work.

Creative Gardening with Bren Haas says:

I added you to my favorites on youtube … I love what you are sharing and will network it to my friends on #gardenchat!

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