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3 keys to START Sustainable living

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Sustainability starts with you. Whether it’s a plastic-free home or eco-friendly mindset. If you are creating an eco friendly home or a zero waste lifestyle I recommend starting with these 3 keys for beginners:
1. Sustain thy self first
2. Audit your life
3. Find your why

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Russ Cambell says:

When I shop I really try to stay away from Plastics. I try to buy my food first in bulk bins using reusable bags. Then try getting food in steel or aluminum cans or glass. I think they are more recycleable. Also I’m fanatic about not wasting food . I just mostly ignore dates on food . I have only been taking my garbage can to road every 3rd or 4th week because I’m Not filling it up. I only take a bath and do laundry as really needed. I avoid eating out like the plague. I’m really struggling with riding my bike. But I have been reducing my driving substantially. I do take the bus/train for non essential trips. Yeah I’ve got along way to go.

annoar97 says:

Very important video, because so many people – and me – thinking that they have to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE! But that's not the point. You don't have to do everything for now and forever! 🙂

UsedToBeA Unicorn says:

The self-care part really surprised me and I couldn't agree more! 🙂

VestedUnicorn29 says:

Loving this series so much!! It’s really got me thinking in a different and healthier mindset for the year ahead. You’re doing great things and touching people in so many ways 💕

KatelynMayville says:

Hey! I know this doesn’t relate to the series so maybe you could consider doing this after the series but I would love to see a “morning/night routine” type video or typical day in the life type video! Hope you consider! Thanks for your positive impact on sustainability 😁✌🏻🌻

Strolling Through Life says:

Thanks for being realistic about sustainable living! I also have gotten dehydrated because I wouldn't want to use a plastic bottle. That's not sustainable at all. So I've changed my mindset about "zero" waste. I do what I can and don't go crazy about a little plastic if that's all I have access to. 🙂

Morgan Benson says:

This is a fantastic video, way to go!

FrejaLand says:

Perfect! I will send this to my family to help them. 💚

Sarah Karver says:

LOVE this!!! Great content!(:

Beth Cameron Ko says:

I’ve got a lifesaver water bottle which filters water, so I’m using that whilst I’m traveling south East Asia. Also I find it’s quite scary to ask street vendors to put my food in a stainless steel tin or that I have my own bamboo fork. I’m feeling a bit more confident about it now, but initially I was too scared. Did you feel scared or unconfident asking when you first started zero waste? Also I’ve realised we can’t be perfect all the time when it comes to Zero waste, I was feeling so stressed every time I got a straw or a plastic plate, but then I realised I’m trying my best and reducing my impact the best I can so if use some plastic sometimes I shouldn’t feel too bad.

Godmakers moto says:

Preach sista!!!! Great advice . Breaking things down to make it so simple 4 people to get into zero waste. I wonder if the term sustainable waste sounds better, or eco friendly is what u just said that sounds good. I can only take so many cute expressions I'm out. If u ever u the phrase shout out again I'm putting u on probation!!!!

Michelle H says:

Perfect first steps for getting started on almost any lifestyle change! Thank you!!

Ummm says:

I've been getting so inspired by your recent videos. I started watching you because I'm an environmental student that wanted to know how I could start living more consciously and I absolutely love everywhere you've taken your channel these past couple years. These past couple weeks have really kicked my butt in the best way and I wanted to thank you for helping me start off this semester right. 💚💚💚💚💚

Grace Campbell says:

I’ve watched a thousand how to get started sustainably living videos and this one is so unique and important!! The true first steps!

paloma mason says:


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