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Madeleine Olivia says:

Woo for the earth! I didn't mention it in the video, but you can get £50 in your Octopus Energy account with my referral code (affiliate link) // https://bit.ly/2HyhLEZ

Kleo Ebers says:

I really love your channel, you are a big inspiration for me ☺️

Chloe R says:

Great ideas!
I own a lot of physical books because I’m a history and literature major (it’s the only thing that I own a lot of and they give me great enjoyment). To be more eco friendly about it I buy them all second hand from charity shops. Much like clothes, I often hear the charity shop volunteers saying that they have too many books and lots just get thrown away.
I also help to run the composting program at my local community garden, it’s a great thing to be involved in and I always go home with a basket full of veggies 🙂

Jacqueline Challenor says:

Hi lovely x I found out that a few yrs ago meter readers caused radiation and are very dangerous for our bodies… I dnt know if that's still true but if your one is good for the home please let me know the one you use x hugs xxx I love your videos, both urs and u and Alex's xxxxxxxx

juliaspaperback says:

I live in an apartment and we compost. We save the food scraps that we can in the freezer that we can make stock out of. Anything that cannot be used for stock goes in the compost. We use the toilet paper or paper towel roll cardboard in our compost as well, and egg shells.

Sarah says:

Love your recommendations! So glad to see this. Another thing – if you go to a restaurant or takeout place, take your own container(s) and ask the merchants to use your container(s) instead of theirs. If you’re going to a self-serve buffet-style takeout restaurant, have the merchant weigh your container first. Bring your own cutlery, and refuse plastic or biodegradable cutlery, as even the corn-based cutlery takes eons to decompose. I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

Same goes for when I have to travel. I bring my own cup, cutlery, container(s), napkin and my own prepared snacks in those container(s) to eat while in transit, and then I use the container(s) for takeout or storing food, later.

In the past, I lived in a place that didn’t have compost/green bin pickup. I used to know the schedule of the green bin pickup around the corner, and I would put my organic waste in green bins that were out on the curb, waiting to be collected.

Love your videos, btw.

Venla Törmä says:

Hi! I'm wondering what type of renewable energy Octopus Energy uses? Is it only solar energy? I had a quick look but couldn't it on the website at least straight away.

Teenyleek 123 says:

I went vegan about 8 months ago, quite out of the blue. At the time I had no interest in the environment or welfare of animal, but this move was one of my best, I eat more fruits, vegetables and whole foods, I now cook at home and it has got me enjoying simpler things. During this time I hit a financial difficulty and it has been the most empowering time, I now :Make my own laundry detergent, washing up liquid, switched from shower gel and shampoo to soap bars, dry my washing on a clothes stand, wash my clothes on a 15minute cycle, sold off a lot of unnecessary possessions on ebay and not because I had to because I wanted to but it has definitely helped me shed some weight and live more frugally which has helped my stress levels enormously. I know there is more but that's all I can thibk of for now, I look forward to the next thing I experiment with learning, making, enjoying

Lotta Kaunisto says:

I just have to say that these videos help me so much! I just want to be the best possible version of me and do so much good to this world! I want to be very ecological and not buy more and more stuff. 💖

kimjunjae says:

Refuse Smart Meters at all cost, it's a serious threat to health and privacy. Going off the grid is the solution.

Célia says:

My cat loves the ball that I made with 2 old socks 😂

PelyMyDream says:

Hi Madeleine ! Loved your video, as usual <3
I wanted to add something maybe you can do in your new home : because you are going to create a new bathroom, you can think of something to reuse (and filter) the water from your bath, shower and sink and storage (? sorry I'm french) it for the toilet !

We don't think of it very much but the toilet uses drinkable (? again sorry for the words…) water, and it represents 40% of our water consumption !! So flushing the toilet not every time is good, but reusing the grey water from the shower and sink is perfection ! And the perfect timing to do so (of course when you own your house or flat, not when you rent…) is when you renovate !

Lots of love,

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