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1st Organic Garden Harvest- Summer 2018

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All of our hard work is starting to pay off as our organic veggies are starting to become ripe and ready for harvest. Join us as we harvest the first fruits of our labor from our organic garden in the Missouri Ozarks. Garden season 2018 is off to a great start!!

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Thinking of Others says:

Yes..I am looking back at your videos. And it is just a joy.

Grace Patane says:

Look at those tomatoes! Yes please!! I am drooling!! 😂🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

Judith Niles says:

I'am so glad I prescribed to your channel, I'am learning so much about gardening! I thank God that he allowed me to watch you both. I'am from Maine.

Victorene Cahill says:

If you step on the tops and bend them over they will grow much bigger.

Thomas Murray says:

I’m proud of ya.

mary coon says:

You will get bigger bulb on your onions if you step over the tops of the onions 2 – 3 weeks before you want to harvest them. Literally, I mean use your foot and just step "push" over the tops. A lot of people say that you will lose the tops for drying, etc by doing this. They are right but usually the tops are too large for good texture or flavor by that point. The ones in your garden could be stepped over and harvested in a few more weeks. Many recommend "cutting" the tops off to produce a larger bulb but that isn't an accurate theory. If you "cut" the tops then the onions, leeks, garlic, etc will spend its energy trying to reproduce the tops instead of producing larger bulbs. But the step over method mimics the natural dying back of the onion so it puts its energy into storing it's resources for its survival in the bulbs instead of expending the energy into reviving the tops.

Tanoy Das says:

Too much talk,just do harvesting
That's much more interesting

GirlGirlTV says:

Anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Olesya Rulin who plays on High School Musical

Trumple Stiltskin says:

Was that thar Cripple Creek ah could hear??? 🙂
Your little family have a wonderful idealic lifestyle there. The Good Lord has blessed you 'cause your wholesome!

SaRaH Kruch says:

If your family likes green beans a frencher might be worth getting, I love mine to change up the green beans…Also I like to can green beans in diced tomatoes …delicious!

SaRaH Kruch says:

With so much of your food in freezers, do you have a generator Incase of a power outage?

Ngọc Liên Nguyễn says:

Có ai VN ko

Ronda Corkhill says:

Onions take FOREVER to dehydrate.

Susan Ronan says:

Those beet tops are very edible. They have a very nice flavor. Great vitamin C and nutrients in those beet tops

Bradley D says:

I live in Missouri! I love all the weather.

Romano Mia says:

I loved stir frying the radish tops…they're very good actually, sauteed it with garlic and onions and seasoned it with salt and pepper and mushroom seasoning ( no msg added )

Amber Oliver says:

An alternative to freezing all of those onions is to make a balsamic onion jam! I can't stress enough how YUMMY it is! My mom turned her nose up at it at first, but now she spreads it on her steaks, bread, ect. lol. There are also recipes without the balsamic vinegar for those that prefer that.

Tania Nogle says:

Do you grow black krim tomatoes? They have the best flavor ever. I am from Missouri and only buy from Bakers Creek… I am glad to find you guys!!! This is a great channel!

Helene Tessier says:

It's nice to see you working as a team on your beautiful place. Love it from Canada.

aygo says:

Just found you guys today because your loofa video from last fall popped on my “recommended” and have been binge watching your vids since. I have to say that it is great to see people looking so happy while harvesting. I know I wouldn’t do all that because, in the south, this humidity and heat kills me for about 7 months of the year and I’m not really a yard gal. I’ve been enjoying your videos and learning in the process!

Mykid me says:

Have fun and organic harvest is best👍

H T says:

Way to go, Team-LTH! 13:08 Seems like a great harvest! The Almighty Lord multifarious energies are breathtaking…

dilek teyze says:

soğanları hasat etmek için henüz erken olgunlaşmamışlar soğan bitkisinin kuruması gerekiyor hasat etmek için

Tanzy Thress says:

Once you get your harvest in. How do you the knats away? Great garden .

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