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15 Eco Hacks & DIYs to Start a Sustainable Life

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Working in fashion and beauty can leave quite a big footprint. Here are some starting hacks and diys that you can do to begin a more eco friendly life. These habits are super easy to incorporate as a beginner minimalist and they’re all huge money savers too! Save the planet, and save money!

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I’m Letitia (Le-tish-a), a fashion school graduate based in Toronto. I’m here to share fashion industry secrets, girl talks, DIYs, and outfit ideas. I also vlog with my bf Stefan. We travel, share relationship advice, and capture our daily movements.

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usagififi says:

Okama! <3

illiniwu says:

genius thrift store bag hack!!!

Kirthiga says:


Kirthiga says:

omggggg the clear grocery bag idea is so smaaaawwwttt

TheMralexander19 says:

Thanks for the great eco friendly tips! Please keep spreading the positivity!

living unjaded says:

How have I never heard of this app?! These tips were awesome and thanks so much for showcasing a way to save money & the environment!

Nanma Unni says:

Ah, you sustainable fashionable funny influencer, you! ❤

Agata Bińczak says:

Can you put the chart into description? 😀

Cheryl Ross says:

Nice work! I'm in Toronto as well, happy to find yoir channel. You have a very calm manner, not preachy, boring or in my face. Thx for all your tips.

Aeronautisk says:

This was such a wonderful video!! I love the ideas and the visuals <333 and yay, trading economy!!

Emily Graceness says:

I loooooveeeee this video!

Deanna Ross says:

Wow! Actually found tips i haven’t seen before. The diy product bag is genius!!

Kim Ysabel says:

Can this be a series please? Would love to follow along your low-impact living journey! I'm in the process of transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle as well heheh

littlealotamy says:

Can’t wait to thrift a curtain, and put it to good use! Thanks❣️

Krista Lam says:

Thanks for this! I didn’t realize there was an app for Bunz. Signing up now! Who knows maybe we’ll end up trading something 🙂

Emily Walker says:

These are genuinely great tips!

Diana Jean Alaras says:

you’re so good I love this 😭💕

Han Bang says:

My mom figured out the freezing tip in the middle of winter and used to leave compost garbage out on the back porch. She continued through spring but quickly found out that this tip is not summer friendly after she fought off a whole ass family of raccoons 😂😂😂

Mauna Pearlstein says:

Excellent info again! High production value and fun to watch. You rock!!

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