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100% Organic Gardening No-Till Soil Prep (Lasagna Tech)

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Time for some brand new info on No-Till Gardening from MN Nice on Soil Prep aka the “Lasagna Tech”. This time we are in our backyard going hands on for a new segment for How To Grow “MendoDope” 2017


Jay Hatter says:

Thanks for the video guys.. always wondered exactly how that was done

Jay D says:

Good video. I have to wonder why whenever I see anyone who grows big trees well, none of them take care of their lawns!

Rafiki Atoz says:

thanks alot

MienB0i916 says:

Always been a fan. thanks for the knowledge, I am just no switching over to no-till farming and this video helped out a lot . i was wondering what you would feed with this recipe?
Just straight water, or teas as well ?

Gideon G Schmidt says:

What are you guys using for aeration in the base soil?

VA GARDENER #1 says:

What's up guys!

tahoedope215 says:

10! Fucken 10! straight dropping game on nerds. no till all day!

thomas flaxman says:

great work guys honestly most organic growers aren't taking it to this level of specificity, much respect

Kahlin Hil says:

Hahahah "I don't know if I like Neem Meal that much" @neemtoothpaste, shit cracked me up bro, loving the neem/crab/kelp, I'm rockin' the same this year, CC soil mix. Super stoaked to be doin at least 80% organics. Thanks for the inspiration.


this method works!! i grow my vegetable garden using this method. everynow and then i make and apply compost tea to the plants and my garden just grows like crazy!!

Evan Herrera says:

only a high ass MF would zoom in on that spider like.. watcha doing

Tucker B says:

Nice work fellas!!!! #weednerdforlife

Donald Howser says:

every song sounds the same, califagnia sucks

James Butterson says:

I like your style do I'm just saying why do all that and roll the end product in a SHIT tasten blunt?ewww

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