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10 Simple Ways to REDUCE WASTE // Sustainable Living Tips

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We’ve been talking a lot about minimalism and living with less over here at the CMS HQ lately. Garbage really is a problem—whether it be waste or recycling—it’s something that is becoming more and more important on a global scale. We really are the stewards of our planet, and while there are some things that are out of our control, there are a number of ways that we can start moving to a zero waste lifestyle by reducing the day to day waste that comes out of our homes. So, in this video, I take you through 10 simple ways that you can reduce waste today and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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quasiromantic says:

What about the horrible things that microfiber does to our oceans?

Evonne Robertson says:

I really enjoyed your video but I can think of one big missed option. Placid grocery bags, the ones they put all your stuff in at the register. How many thousands of these are used every day. Many years ago I invested in reusable grocery bags. Best thing ever! These are stronger and sturdier then those plastic one. They hold up great and so much easier to care. You can even get insulated one for the could stuff. Amazing.

Deirdre Wells says:

When my sister graduated from high school in 1985, my mom bought a set of glass dessert plates for the party. 35 years later, I have that stack of plates and use them at all of our parties!!!

aparna jain says:

Microfiber pollutes water bodies by releasing micro plastics when washed. Please reconsider.

Call Me Swivel Hips says:

In my opinion, capitalism couldn't exist without waste. Why? I believe profit to be a by-product of waste in the first place. One cannot exist without the other.

aakar88 says:

You should have a podcast. Or a TV show.

plagg says:

Agave is not a good source to use either because of the impact agave harvesting has had on wildlife, particularly an endangered species of bat. Stick with bamboo because that is the most sustainable option.
My suggestions to companies would be to start using hemp plastic, which is decomposable, or offering packaging free alternatives, and intensives toward using those products
Also avoid buying from companies like H&M altogether because of their horrific sweatshop practices. Buying second-hand is always the best option; not only is it cheaper, but it keeps perfectly good clothes out of the landfills and keeps these disgusting companies from earning another dollar

Tracy Charbonnier says:

Another thing I disagree with is pods of washing liquid etc, I want to be able to use LESS. We don't need as much soap as manufacturers say we do. We also don't need lots of different types of soap eg you can you castille soap for almost everything !!

Advanced Loiterer says:

Some Aussie suggestions: 1. Yea old cloth handkerchiefs vs paper, disposable tissues/kleenex. 2. Replace the Plastic Toothbrush with a compost-friendly bamboo toothbrush. 3. Composting and worm farms – many Australian retail outlets now use compostable bags to carry your stuff home. 4. Make your own meal plans, include snacks, yoghurt, etc. and buy precisely what you need each week. Then watch the waste decrease and you don't need to have take-away/take-out so often. 5. Make your own clothing for the family, knitting, sewing, etc. I did a tertiary course on tailoring, and don't need to buy "fast fashion" anymore.
In Australia, we have an ABC TV series called "War on Waste" which we recommend to others; https://www.abc.net.au/ourfocus/waronwaste/ Since we have evaluated our family wastage, made a fortnight menu, compost, etc, we now only have on kitchen tidy bag of rubbish that goes into the "otto bin' per week. I'm in my fifties and I am passionate about leaving our planet in a better condition for future generations.

Sharmin Rahman says:

Starbucks already does that, you get 10 cents off your coffee when you bring your own cup.
What about cloth diapering? Have you thought about that for Riley.

misstorina3 says:

I'am all in

Laura Hall says:

I'm getting married in a few days and we're using sugarcane plates, cutlery, and cups.

Sleepy panda says:

I’ve been using soap berries to do my laundry. They are cost effective and do a great job

Coaching With Kelly says:

Bought oats from a bulk bin and they had bugs. Had to throw it all away. Never again. Cloth napkins are great until I wipe my mouth with cat and dog hair. Can't seem to avoid that no matter how I wash them

Evieisnumber1 says:

Do you have a good swap for: cleaning sponge and dish sponge?

Anna Moore says:

Thank you never thought of using microfiber cloths to clean my glasses. I can now see smudge free.

Jean-Claude vanSchaaf says:

I'd love for companies that have single use packaging to make that packaging out of compostable material.

Patricia Marquez says:

I wouldn't consider H&M as doing anything environmentally conscious. Any fast fashion company thrives on a person to quickly throw out their clothing. That's why I now abstain from buying from them and look for more ethical brands. Lush is a better example, they partnered with a company in the Pacific Northwest that collects plastic at beaches and recycles it into their packaging.

Emilie Bouchard says:

Yes yes yes to all of this! And buy used as much as you can 🙂
I will complain about this though, the amount of packaging for kids and baby stuff is ridiculous. A set of clothing (sleeper, socks, hat, bib, onesie and pants) comes with two plastic hangers, some plastic bag wrapper, ribbon, and tags absolutely everywhere! And then if it’s ordered online, each item seems to come separately in these huge boxes! I wish I could tell companies that we really don’t need that much packaging for baby clothing! If we want to wrap it nice, we can do that ourselves
(Speaking from someone who recently threw out two bags of garbage after going through all the baby shower gifts…)

Nikola Reinfelds says:

Less packaging! More places to take worn, stained clothes and electronics recycling

Tayyaba Asad says:

This is such an important issue. And I'm pleased that u did a vedio on this topic. My challange is now to switch from paper towels n tissue papers to reuseable cloth napkins. Thanks again for the useful tips.

Izzy Guidotti says:

Hi Melissa, what is the brand of those pink safety razors?? I love that colour and want to get myself one! Hopefully they ship internationally.


Diane Rizi says:

Every stores should charge for giving plastic bags or not giving them at all. I was horrified when I went to a Walmart in Miami. They were not even filing them up. Where I live in Canada, many stores are not giving plastic bags anymore.
Just bring your own bags that you leave in your car and that is it. Much better for the planet!

Joan Snow says:

They don’t offer glass milk jugs where I’m at. But I have thought of it, I’m old enough to remember using the glass. It was delivered to our house. Soap doesn’t either, I wish. I would want companies to use hemp for bags, plates, forks spoons, instead of plastic.

Kimberly Holleman says:

Hi CMHQ, please add a link for the reusable napkins similar to yours… loved the questions on them to inspire convert

Denise Gonzalez says:

Love this 👍🏻
We can make a difference 💪🏼 and show our little ones to take care of the world they live in for there future 🌎☺️💕

diamend5 says:

I need to know where your shirt is from, please! I am very much for the neon trend 👍

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