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10 Eco Friendly Habits I Use To Be More Sustainable | Aja Dang

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I’m Aja Dang and here are the 10 eco friendly habits I use to be more sustainably responsible. In my opinion, these eco friendly tips are for everyone. Climate change is very real and if we don’t help to reduce waste and be more sustainable, our future will be very scary.

I suggest zero waste swaps, ways to reduce reuse recycle and how to build eco friendly living habits at home. Moral of the story – just do what you can. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not doing enough to help this planet. We all have to start somewhere.

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Emily Tran says:

I recently started watching your videos and I loveeeee this video. Honest, straight forward, nonjudgmental, and informative!!!!! Absolutely love the new FRIENDS shirt too and it’s totally going to be my new favorite shirt when I receive it in the mail

Sandra Mansfield says:


Anna GaLu says:

We need more content like this! Thank you <3

Riz K. says:

Stopped watching as soon as you defended eating meat while wearing your “friends” animal merch 👎🏼

Francesca Cappai says:

Some of these things are automatic in Italy… the problem with my country is the use of plastic water bottles… the us are much better at that than us

Francesca Cappai says:

Veganism is not necessarily more eco friendly than eating meat

Mary King says:

Thank you SO MUCH for standing up for this. More people need to realize how serious issue climate change is. Thanks for using your voice and your platform to support what's right.

Few things to add on to the video: I really believe in this phrase "We don't need a few people who practice perfect veganism. We need A LOT of people who do it imperfectly." The same thing goes with zero-waste and low-impact life. I think way too many people get intimidated about cutting out meat and dairy products, but if we all start step by step, it's really not that bad. I used to eat meat almost daily, but I've reduced it from 7 times a week to 3 times a week, and then 1 time a week, and now I barely eat red meat and poultry. That took me about 7 months to transition. I encourage all non-vegans to participate in #MeatlessMonday, or if you are able, just eating meat only on the weekends. Just doing that makes SUCH a huge difference!!!!

peekaboo peekaboo says:

Happy Mid Autumn festival to you, Aja!

Melissa Larkin says:

I would encourage everyone to follow Sophia Esperanza on YouTube and insta. She’s knowledgeable on being eco friendly and FYI I’m not vegan but anyone who tells you being vegan isn’t the biggest change you can make is miss informed. The amount of water and land you save is monumental compared to meat eating. I’m gonna give it a try

Cookie Redding says:

I've been freezing like a mad woman this month. Great tips in this vid..thanks!

Erin Turingan says:

This is so great. Thank you for using your platform for activism like this 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Sabrina zzz says:

Ah damn it. i’ve been on a complete clothes shopping ban (no second hand either or anything) for the past three years. it hasn’t been that difficult and i’ve never desperately wanted something… until this shirt. i’m a vegan and completely OBSESSED with friends, this shirt is perfect! why are you doing this to meeee 😩😂

Gabriela says:

Did you just say… Europe is a "whole country" lol Great video though, I share your opinion on veganism, eating all plant-based doesn't guarantee sustainability or eco-friendly practices. Whether eating meat, fish, or vegetables, the issue is with the sourcing, not the actual food item. Not touching the subject of killing the actual animal, which I know it's a whole other reason to be vegan or vegetarian.

Lauren Leavitt says:

Not having kids is a great way to help the environment and is regularly a skimmed over topic.

Grace Li says:

Thank you for being one of the few influencers who is using their voice to talk about this important issue. So so so grateful for your passion!!!

Kristi says:

Thanks Aja! Good and easy tips. Will be sharing this video 🙂

Katherine Nguyen says:

Thank you for sharing these amazing tips!

LauraNordman BombShellBeauty says:

Yep at our old house i had over a acre and my brother had over a acre. By hand we worked. Very hard work in the summer months. I tried vegan stuff but i like well done steak wootwoot.

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